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Sherrie Rice Smith
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Sherrie Rice Smith is a retired registered nurse after forty years of nursing practice, including hospice, ER, medical/surgical, and pediatric care, giving her a unique perspective on life in general.

As a Christian, Sherrie has done some different types of unique volunteer work, including working asa nurse in the mountains of southeast Kentucky among the poorest of the poor, now assists in sorting and shipping millions of dollars’ worth of discarded medical supplies to the overseas mission field, and working in tornado and hurricane disaster relief.

Now living in suburban Milwaukee, after having been raised with a large extended family in the coal and in the farming areas of western Pennsylvania, there are few situations in life that surprise Sherrie with her varied background.

Sherrie considers herself pretty much an average American, married to Brad, having two stepsons and five grandchildren, active in church, in the community in general, and in the EFT community in particular. She has written a book entitled, EFT for Christians, which will soon be ready for purchase on Amazon.

With her varied interests in history, genealogy, biology, physiology, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, and quantum physics, she understands how and why EFT works so well. Her personal PTSD laden childhood lends itself to her understanding of how well EFT can help most people in most situations. 

Sherrie loves to relate to those she taps with and to those she teaches on a personal level, watching EFT open up to them in some amazing ways, helping them heal, and helping them to bring EFT to the world.

Have you read Sherrie's new book, EFT for Christians?

EFT for Christians book by Sherrie Rice SmtihSherrie Rice Smith, RN (Retired) has an extensive faith-based EFT practice, and has pioneered the use of this breakthrough approach (also called “tapping”) with Christians.

In this book, Sherrie shows how to use Scripture while tapping, and how EFT can strengthen the prayer life of the believer.

Packed with compelling case histories of both physical and emotional healing drawn from her Christian EFT practice, as well as her extensive nursing background, Sherrie explains the science behind Clinical EFT, and how it works in harmony with our divinely created physiology.

She shows how a combination of good science and firm faith is able to provide dramatic relief from a wide variety of suffering, whether it is spiritual, emotional, or physical, and how to integrate this self-help method with the Christian life.


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