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Daily EFT Tapping Lowers Blood Sugar

Dear EFT Community,

Collen Gay shares her husbands experience using EFT tapping to lower a sudden rise in blood sugar that forced him to double his diabetes medication.  Under doctor's care, her husband decided to try EFT for lowering his blood sugar with some amazing results.

- Will M

By Colleen Gay

My husband, Ray, has been under a doctor's care for diabetes and has taken medication to lower his blood sugar for several years. He has excellent health habits and regularly takes his daily, doctor-prescribed medication, exercises two hours a day, and follows a healthy diet.

In the last 18 months, Ray has noticed his blood sugar readings (which he monitors and records weekly) have been rising to the point he has had to double his medication. Even the increased meds did not bring his blood sugar readings back down to previous levels.

For the last 10 weeks, he has added tapping to his daily regimen and that is the only change he has made to his healthy habits.

This is how he does it:

My body is stabilizing and producing more insulin, lowering my blood sugar. (Three times)

Tapping top of head, inside of wrist, and ankle points:

My body is stabilizing and producing more insulin, lowering my blood sugar.

Then he goes on with his workout routine and stops to repeat the above tapping routine twice more before he finishes for the morning.

After Ray had consistently done the tapping for eight weeks, he compared his blood sugar readings for the weeks he had tapped to the eight weeks before he started tapping.

The results were that his blood sugar readings for the eight weeks after he started tapping were 22% lower than the eight weeks before he tapped!

Working with the advice of his doctor, Ray was able to reduce his medication back to two pills per day from four pills per day.

Ray continues to tap faithfully three times each morning during his workout regimen. He feels tapping has reversed the pattern of increasing blood sugar and the need to continually increase the amount of meds needed to control it.

My husband is an excellent of example of someone who has found a way to fit tapping into his daily regimen with remarkable results.

For Ray, adding tapping to regular doctor's care and medication, daily exercise, and a healthy diet has helped him achieve consistent control of his blood sugar.

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