How Daily Tapping Results in 70 lb Weight Loss!

Beat The Belly Fat Blues: Mind-Body Solutions For Permanent Weight Loss

By Karen Donaldson, EFT INT-1, Weight Loss Coach

My most successful client taps for ten minutes every day and also taps on her cravings. She checks in every two weeks and usually shows a weight loss of five to seven pounds.

At her third visit, I rather loudly exclaimed, “Beth, what the heck are you doing? You lose weight every time you come in.”

Somewhat cautiously (I probably scared her!) she replied, “I’ve been tapping.”

Still in awe, I asked her how often. “Well,” she replied, a little nervously, “You told me to tap for ten minutes every day and I did. Am I doing it wrong?”

Wow, what an amazing testimony to the power of EFT!

Beth struggled with her weight for years, not being able to speak her truth, and trying to please everyone around her. She’d tried nearly every diet on the planet and always gained the weight back.

In the five months we’ve been working together she has shed over 70 pounds. She is able to follow the menus I gave her with ease and she rarely feels deprived.

More importantly, she is curbing her cravings and healing the traumas that contributed to her weight in the first place.

Her quote about how she’s doing this is worth repeating:

“I had no idea weight loss worked like this. I couldn’t figure out why I could never keep the weight off. I know now it’s because off all the ‘stuff’ in my life. When my husband recently asked me what I was doing ‘this time’ to lose the weight, I simply answered ‘I’m working on healing the hurts that have caused me to eat emotionally’. I understand that weight loss does not equal happiness. I’m learning to love and accept myself whether other people do or not.”


This EFT 70 lb weight loss success story is from the desk of Karen Donaldson, EFT Certified Weight Loss coach and instructor of the EFTUniverse Naturally Thin You Boot Camp program.




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