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Norm Shealy, MD

Author of Soul Medicine.
"By removing emotional trauma, EFT helps heal physical symptoms too."

Candace Pert,PhD endorses EFT

Bessel Van der Kolk
Professor of Psychiatry, Boston University School of Medicine
"EP techniques and procedures can bring about remarkably rapid changes in the way people feel."

Professor Bessel Van der Kolk

Wayne Dyer 
"This really works... I've had great results with tapping in my own life."

Wayne Dyer

Nathaniel Brandon, PhD
author of The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem
"The techniques of EP have provided me with invaluable tools for working with trauma. No therapist can afford to remain ignorant of this new and exciting field."

Nathaniel Brandon

Cheryl Richardson

Author of The Unmistakable Touch of Grace..
"EFT is destined to be a top healing tool for the 21st Century."

Candace Pert,PhD endorses EFT

Candace Pert, PhD

Author of Molecules of Emotion.
"EFT is at the forefront of the new healing movement."

Candace Pert,PhD endorses EFT

Donna Eden

Co-Author of The Promise of Energy Psychology.
"EFT is easy, effective, and produces amazing results. I think it should be taught in elementary school."


 Deepak Chopra, MD Deepak Chopra, MD endorses EFT
"EFT offers great healing benefits." 

Jack Canfield 
"The most powerful new transformational technology to come along in years."

60 Jack Canfield

Bruce Lipton, PhD

Author of The Biology of Belief.
"EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health and behavior.."

Bruce Lipton, PhD endorses EFT

Eric Robins, MD

Co-author of Your Hands Can Heal you.
"I frequently use EFT for my patients with great results."

Candace Pert,PhD endorses EFT

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Today’s EFT Topic

EFT Tapping for Financial Fears
Dawson ChurchEFT Tapping for Financial Fears

EFT Tapping for Financial Fears By Dawson Church, PhD
Author of The Genie in Your Genes  Recently a friend of mine was going through tough financial times, and I helped him identify some childhood events that were linked to his current emotional distress. The trick is to tune into the body sensations you have around money, and then find childhood events where you felt the same physical sensation. These links are often surprising; they may have nothing to do with money, or everything  [ ... ]

Featured Practitioner

Nancy Privett

Are you living with painful memories and anxiety? Feeling manipulated and don’t know how to make healthy boundaries? Resigned to putting up with physical challenges that won’t go away? I specialize in infidelity trauma, childhood and adult trauma, and uncovering the emotional anchor of physical problems. FREE phone consultation about how investing in an EFT session can make your life easier. Call or email for testimonial list and workshop schedule.

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Featured EFT Book

Invisible Roots
Invisible Roots

How Healing Past Life Trauma can Liberate Your Present By Barbara Stone, PhD In Dr. Stone's psychotherapy practice, she encountered clients whose emotional trauma was linked to memories of previous lifetimes, and could only be relieved by working with those long-buried memories. This eloquent book contains many extended case studies of therapy involving several past lives, and provides a resourc [ ... ]

Featured Tapping Video

Video: EFT for Trauma