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Bruce Lipton, PhD
Author of The Biology of Belief.
"EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health and behavior."
Bruce Lipton, PhD endorses EFT
Candace Pert, PhD
Author of Molecules of Emotion.
"EFT is at the forefront of the new healing movement."
Candace Pert,PhD endorses EFT
Cheryl Richardson
Author of The Unmistakable Touch of Grace.
"EFT is destined to be a top healing tool for the 21st Century."
Candace Pert,PhD endorses EFT
Eric Robins, MD
Co-author of Your Hands Can Heal you.
"I frequently use EFT for my patients with great results."
Candace Pert,PhD endorses EFT
Norm Shealy, MD
Author of Soul Medicine.
"By removing emotional trauma, EFT helps heal physical symptoms too."
Candace Pert,PhD endorses EFT
Wayne Dyer
"This really works... I've had great results with tapping in my own life."
Wayne Dyer
Jack Canfield
"The most powerful new transformational technology to come along in years."
60 Jack Canfield
Bessel Van der Kolk
Professor of Psychiatry, Boston University School of Medicine
"EP techniques and procedures can bring about remarkably rapid changes in the way people feel."
Professor Bessel Van der Kolk
Deepak Chopra, MD
"EFT offers great healing benefits."
Deepak Chopra, MD endorses EFT
Anthony Robbins
"If you're looking for ways to change your life, check out Energy Psychology, it's pretty extraordinary."
60 Tony-Robbins
Donna Eden
Co-Author of The Promise of Energy Psychology.
"EFT is easy, effective, and produces amazing results. I think it should be taught in elementary school."
Nathaniel Brandon, PhD
author of The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem
"The techniques of EP have provided me with invaluable tools for working with trauma. No therapist can afford to remain ignorant of this new and exciting field."

Nathaniel Brandon


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Tapping on Cravings and Resistance to EFT 

Dear EFT Community,

Angela Treat Lyon takes several approaches to weight loss. She works on her cravings, and is able to overcome her chocolate craving. She then starts using acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and uses EFT to help overcome her resentment, and her resistance to the treatment.


By Angela Treat Lyon

I've been working with an acupuncturist who uses Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbs to help me drain the edema I have experienced since I was a young teenager.

For years I had simply thought "I'm fat. I'm overweight."

I had tried every last thing on the planet to resolve this weight imbalance, and was at my last wit's end.

I had dropped about 30 pounds already with what I had thought was better eating, and exercise.

I had done Rebecca Marina's EFT oriented awesome, awesome chocolate/white sugar addiction removal - which worked like a dream the very first time, and I haven't even wanted chocolate since - and this is from someone who was practically weaned on chocolate.

No more candy.

What a relief!

Still, I needed to drop another 20 before I felt like I was close to my "natural" weight - where I'd feel light, strong, and have energy without strain on my heart or muscles.

I'd been carrying around the extra weight for so long that I had to actually buy bigger shoes, and I had been wearing men's extra large shirts just to cover my large bottom. This all even after the great strides I had made since learning about EFT!

The acupuncturist told me that some of what I had been doing only exacerbated the problem. I was to avoid cold foods (no yogurt? No protein shakes!) because they made a damp condition that made my whole body swell up.

I love cold food.

I was bummed.

And, she told me that my heart was weakened, and very tired. And that I needed to tone down my workouts so my heart rate was less. I like to work out hard. Feels good. I was bummed again. And scared - my heart is WEAK?


I did a mini-rebellion - I took the herbs she prescribed - but I ate the cold things anyway. And worked out just as hard.

And felt more tired, and more groggy, and more mentally inept and foggy. After a few days of this, I had to really ask myself, what am I doing? I'm paying to see her - yet I'm not doing what she recommends - what? Either s--- or get of the pot!

So I asked myself why I would rebel against someone to whom I had gone for help - like, "No, no, don't help me down the ladder when my house is burning!" - duh!

And it was:

I hate it that she programmed me to think of my heart as weak and tired
I hate it that I have to cook more
I hate it that I can't eat my favorite foods
and I hate it that someone is telling me what to do.

I tapped on all of that.

even though she programmed me
even though it's all her fault
even though I think I have to cook more and it takes too much time
even though I have to eat food I really don't want
even though I have to do what she says
I deeply and completely love and accept myself
and I forgive myself and anyone else for my having gotten here in the first place

I looked deeper. Thinking my 40+ year problem was her fault was absurd to the extreme - she hadn't even been born when it started! I felt as if no matter what I did it was wrong; that I broke out or got sleepy or became anxious or had some kind of unpleasant symptom no matter what I ate; and I'd rather not eat than go through all this. I'd rather die than hassle all this. I wondered - was I reversed to LIVING?

So I tapped:

even though it's not my fault
even though I want to blame someone - anyone - else for my problems
even though I'd rather die than have to go through all this
even though I want to die, I don't want to be here
even though I'll never get it right
even though this is too much trouble
even though all food is bad for me
even though I can't eat anything or have any satisfaction
I deeply and completely love and accept myself

I can't have any satisfaction? Whew! That hit deep. I looked at how I had made a career out of being creative and resourceful, and how I flew from one project to the next without giving myself room for congratulations or celebrating what I had just accomplished. Why on earth not?

So I tapped on:

even though I am never satisfied
even though I have no real idea what that would feel like
even though I don't give myself the credit I deserve

I deeply and completely love and accept myself and everything I do or accomplish...and I choose to stop and congratulate myself and celebrate from now on, even if it's for only a moment, and I'll grow it more and more each time, because I deserve it.

I have been tapping on all those thing for four or five days.

Today I noticed a pronounced difference in my body. My pants are slipping off my hips - ! - and I feel not just slimmer, but more compact somehow. I can see it in the mirror, too.

I am now even more firmly convinced that it's not ONLY the food that goes in and out of our bodies, and it's not ONLY what kind of or how much exercise we get. We also need to manage the energy in our body-mind system.

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