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Trauma and PTSD

Carmen Harris recounts her work with a client who was feeling profound anxiety and lack of fulfillment in her job. After using EFT to clear the charge of a traumatic incident from her childhood, the client is able to make dramatic changes for the better.

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- Courtney A.



By Carmen Harris

A friend of my daughter’s who, as a pharmacologist, is understandably quite left-brain, yet unusually also has an interest in spirituality and metaphysics, came for dinner one evening.  The conversation got round to EFT and she found herself becoming interested.  She requested a session the next day to sort out ‘stuff’ that she needed to deal with.  At the same time, during the course of the meal she described a feeling of deep anxiety and disappointment with her work.  There was a solution but it meant making a phone-call that, for some reason, she feared making (I won’t go into this for privacy reasons).  I suggested that we do a quick 15 minute tap, there an then, on

‘Even though I’m scared to make this phone-call, I deeply and completely love and honour my feelings anyway… etc. 
This fear in my stomach…
this anxiety… etc.’

She willingly obliged and afterwards said she felt that the fear had evaporated.  The next day she phoned in a state of excitement.  ‘I still don’t believe it! Guess what I’ve done!’  she cried.  After years of feeling trapped and depressed in her job, and without another job to go to, she’d handed in her notice! I asked her how she felt about this, reminding her that at no point during the tapping was any suggestion made that she should make such a drastic decision.  But she replied, ‘Relieved.  And I’m looking forward to our session.’

As a barometer of the success of each session, I always begin by asking my client: ‘When you leave here, how will you know that something has shifted for you?’ H.  replied that she would be feeling happy, strong, clear-minded, confident and fearless about the future.  So, we began by keying into the emotion that she was feeling there and then which was ‘stuck’ about many aspects of her life.

‘Even though, I’m feeling stuck in my life, I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself anyway.’
‘This stuck emotion…
this fear in my solar plexus…
this fear of moving on…
this fear of success…
this fear of failing to achieve
… etc.’

We tapped through the different emotions as they came up in different parts of her body till we came to what I sensed was the key emotion: ‘worthlessness.’ At this point I asked her to take a few deep breaths and get out of her head and into her body where her cell memories would come up with the answer to the question: ‘When was the first time I ever felt like this?’ Sure enough, an image came to her of herself as a 3 year old alone in the dark in a family friend’s attic without her mother, and too petrified to move – i.e. ‘stuck.’ We tapped on all the emotions that this 3 year old was feeling – fear, anxiety, loss, loneliness, panic, etc., till the emotions dissipated.   I then (still tapping) had H. visualise herself ‘safely’ going down the stairs into the kitchen to tell the family friend how she felt.  The family friend was mortified H. had been feeling so scared and abandoned.  She gave 3 year old H. a big hug, apologised, and told her that had she known H. was suffering, she would have not left her alone in the first place.  This was a huge emotional watershed.  We then tapped in some Choices –

‘I choose to know that I am loved…
I am safe…
I’m no longer in the dark…
I’m no longer trapped…
I’m able to move on in my life, etc.’

The following is a wonderful testimonial H.  wrote following that session.  It shows just what a powerful tool EFT can be in its ability to shift stubborn, debilitating emotions/beliefs formed in childhood (and often mistakenly so) that hold us back from our true potential in life.  EFT is a truly amazing and invaluable gift.

“My session with Carmen was a really profound experience.  I always thought you had to carry your emotional "stuff" around you forever, slowing down your mental hardware, until it creeps up on you when things get tough.  Or have therapy for years, dredging it all up, with no guarantee of feeling better afterwards.  You know, the stuff that causes you to be a slightly below-par performing adult for the rest of your life.  My friend N suggested this did not have to be the case, and that a series of "taps" by Carmen could clear the issues in one fell swoop!! WOW!! Is that possible? Book me in immediately...  or maybe in 2 months time because I like to put things off... and off ...and sometimes never do them...  See my problem?
(…)  I had just gotten off a horse I had been riding for a long time, which was taking me in a direction I didn't want to go in.  It wasn't personal.  Carmen just calmly, very firmly and most effectively got rid of that horse!  As simple as that!
Was this calm to last!?? She did a few things to ensure I was "wrapped up warm" emotionally.  Everything made sense, clearly, and still does as I write this, over a month later.  Also, surprisingly, a lot of the problems I had not even fully shared with Carmen just seemed to evaporate in the following days, and things I had worried about for ages just seemed to spontaneously sort themselves out.  (…)
The future feels and IS much brighter now that Carmen had tapped away the cloud from my head and got rid of my Crazy Lady Horse once and for all.  Fantastic.”

Carmen Harris

Carmen is a natural energy healer, registered by AAMET.  She is also Reiki attuned, certified in Quantum Touch, and a practitioner in both EFT and Theta Healing.  Using these and other gentle energy healing/psychology techniques, Carmen helps activate the body's natural healing abilities, while treating the whole person - mind, body and spirit.  Her clients range from adults to children; celebrities to the unemployed.  You can contact Carmen through her website: www.space-for-grace.webs.com

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