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Candace Pert,PhD endorses EFT
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Deepak Chopra, MD endorses EFT
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Resolving Depression Due to Neglect Seven Decades Earlier

Dear EFT Community,

This story from hypnotherapist Marilyn Gordon illustrates that depression can spring from events that happened decades earlier, but may still be resolved.

-Dawson Church 

by Marilyn Gordon

I've been combining EFT with hypnotherapy for several years, and I've often received miraculous results. EFT melts resistances so that we can open doors to the inner mind more easily, and I've been able to access issues very rapidly and profoundly. The following story is about a woman who was able to lift a lifetime of depression by going to a source of it, which for her was her anger at her mother.

Anna, a woman in her late seventies, was depressed and angry with her mother for not giving her love. She had once overheard her mother telling someone that she never really wanted to have a child. Anna had been in therapy for seven years; yet something was still in her way, as she continued to stew in her anger.

We first addressed her energy system with EFT, and this decreased the intensity of her anger. The topic she spoke about as she tapped on these points was "feeling controlled by my mother". After several rounds of tapping, the feeling left her completely. No anger and no depression either. The two disappeared simultaneously. The release was astounding. She was able to go even further. She glided into a state of deep relaxation, and she saw herself swimming in an exquisite underwater scenario. Here she could move with total freedom. She was washing away the rage and was now flowing with gorgeous colors, animals and plants of the ocean.

The tapping process had made this inner experience accessible to her. She was able to enter a transcendent state after she'd released the baggage of emotions she'd been carrying all her life. She was able, through more tapping during her relaxation process, to see her experience with her mother through completely new eyes. She saw that both she and her mother were doing the best they could, given all the experiences of their lives, and that forgiveness was totally within her reach.

The epiphany came when she was able to share this experience with her mother, who was no longer alive on this earth. She told her mother that she finally saw things differently. She told her mother that she'd now released her from all she'd thought she was. Because she had prepared the way for this through all the previous work she'd done, she was ready for a shift, an opportunity for liberation. Love flowed freely and exquisitely between them. This was the connection she'd been wishing for all her life. Her long-held depression had lifted.

This is not an isolated story. Extraordinary healing occurs by addressing all levels of consciousness through a combination of transformational hypnotherapy and EFT.

With love,

Marilyn Gordon

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