Depression on Death Row

Dear EFT Community,

The following summary of his visit to his partner Mark in prison, is one of many stories we have received about EFT being used in prison and jail settings. Since it's situational, portable, and free, EFT lends itself to such settings.

 -Dawson Church

by Ralph Walker

My beloved Mark on Death Row in Indiana had been so depressed he would not even come out of his cell, write or call, see the dentist, or deal with anything. This had been the case for over two months.

He finally granted me permission to come and visit, and I did that a week ago last Monday, June 19.

When he was brought to the visiting room, it was patently clear that he was very depressed, but he did seem to welcome my hello hug. I immediately asked if he was willing for me to work with him with EFT. And, blessedly, he said yes, and we began quite simply with "Even though I am depressed....." and first round brought ten down to seven, second round seven down to four, at which point other "stuff" had come up, and we worked on several which I don't recall, such as "Even though I hate myself," and others of that ilk.

By the end of the visit--a bit more than two hours, much of which was used for running EFT--he said he felt fine; would call his lawyer the next day, and check on why the dentist had not called him for an appointment (he had, and he'd not even remembered it) and clearly evidenced and certainly seemed entirely back to what has been "normal" for him before.

I have had two letters from him since--both reaffirming how fine he was feeling and doing. I talked to him today on the phone and all is still OK.

That is a brief summary, and not very exciting as written, but you gotta know that I was blessing EFT and my skills with it for what seemed clearly a miraculous transformation!

I will naturally stay on top of subsequent developments so I will be able to run more EFT on any other items that might come up--if, and as--needed.


In perfect love,

Ralph H. Walker

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