EFT Brings About No Desire to SmokeEFT Workshops

By D. Wilkinson

"Dan" arranged a session with me, as he had tried to stop smoking for the past two years, without success. I asked Dan not to smoke for two to three hours to increase his need for a cigarette, before we started the session.

At the start of the session, his SUDS level of intensity was nine out of ten for craving cigarettes. Two rounds of tapping brought the level down to four. A few more rounds of EFT and the craving had disappeared.

Using Matrix Reimprinting, I asked Dan to think back to the first time he had a cigarette. He was 11-years-old, and with some friends. I asked him how he felt at the time, and he told me he felt peer pressure. The feeling of peer pressure was overwhelming with a SUDS level of 10.

I asked Dan to introduce himself to his younger self, as young Dan didn’t recognise him.

Dan started to follow my tapping and began to cry. When I asked about the reaction, he said that young Dan felt stupid. We tapped on this issue and the feeling disappeared.

I told Dan to tell his his younger self anything he needed to know regarding smoking, which he did, and a smile came across his face. He said he felt great, and he was never going to smoke again.

The following morning, I rang Dan to see how it was going. He had no cravings for the rest of Friday and felt good. I saw Dan again on Monday, and he said that Saturday afternoon he had a few cravings, but all he could think of was what he had told young Dan, and that "I love and respect myself too much to smoke."

I spoke to Dan again on Tuesday, and he has had no cravings and no desire to smoke at all.



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