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EFT Clears Lump in Throat and Restores SingingPeak Vitality by Jeanne House

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Masha Bennett recounts her colleague Deanne Jade's success using EFT to release the block that had prevented a client from being able to sing the way she used to before the death of her mother.

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By Masha Bennett

My friend and colleague Deanne Jade, the director of the National Centre for Eating Disorders in London, is a chartered psychologist, a renowned expert on the treatment of obesity, bulimia, and anorexia, and an EFT enthusiast. She tells this story of a client, whom we shall call Janet, who unexpectedly benefited from EFT, despite rejecting the suggestion to try the tapping procedure when Deanne attempted to introduce the technique to her.

The client, who was morbidly obese and depressed (the latter being common in people who are seriously overweight, despite the popular image of a “jolly fattie”), came for help with her weight. In sessions with clients, in addition to working on the issues of obesity and disordered eating, which can be a lengthy and difficult process, Deanne emphasizes the importance of resources and positive things in their lives. She was keen to find out what gave Janet joy or pleasure.

It transpired that one of the biggest pleasures in life for Janet had been singing. She, together with her mother, used to sing in a choir. Her mother had died several years previously. Since then, Janet had been unable to sing. Whenever she tried, she felt a lump in her throat, and no sound came out.

Deanne felt that EFT could be a useful intervention here, and suggested to Janet to try the tapping technique. Janet felt uncomfortable with the unfamiliar and “weird” approach, however, and refused to give it a try. She was sitting with her arms folded, her closed posture emphasizing her reluctance and scepticism. Deanne decided to demonstrate the technique to Susan anyway, saying, “Well, if we did do it, then this is what we would do...”

Deanne then started tapping on herself:

“First of all, we would tap here on the Karate Chop point and say, Even though I have this lump in my throat when I try to sing, I accept myself anyway.”

Janet was still sitting with her arms folded but was watching Deanne.

“Next, we would tap here on the eyebrow point and say, This lump in my throat...”

Deanne went round the main tapping points of the shortcut version of EFT, showing what they would have done if Janet had been willing to give it a go. The client sat with her arms folded throughout this brief demonstration, seemingly not engaged in the process.

When the session was over, Janet went outside to her car, got in, and started the engine. As she drove off, she turned the radio on... and began to sing along to the radio. The lump in her throat was gone and never stopped her from singing again.

Janet has since rejoined the choir, lost a great deal of weight, got involved in voluntary work, and gained more energy and a better quality of life.

Deanne Jade can be contacted through the website of the National Centre for Eating Disorders www.eating-disorders.org.uk

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