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We support your success with EFT! Below are some of the most common questions people have about the site and about EFT. These should answer most of your questions and refer you to places you can obtain additional information.

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Can you please recommend a practitioner?

You can find our certified practitioners through our practitioner listings. Every practitioner listed is trained in Clinical EFT, and we review their cases each time they renew their certification, so you can be confident in their skills and grasp of EFT.

Because the needs of clients vary so widely, no one practitioner is "the ideal practitioner" for everyone, and it's smart to get sample sessions from several practitioners before deciding on one.

Which practitioner do you recommend for my particular health condition?

You can search the practitioner directory by specialization in order to find out which practitioners focus on your particular problem.

Can you recommend a practitioner in my geographic area?

You can search the practitioner directory by location if you'd like face-to-face sessions with a practitioner. Many practitioners also work over the telephone, or use services like Skype.

I've tried EFT and it's worked okay in the past, but I'm not having any success with this particular problem.

We suggest you do several things:

• Take a workshop to deepen your knowledge of EFT, and give you training in the detailed skills of Clinical EFT.

• Make an appointment with a certified practitioner.

• Read the free tutorials on this site, and try the techniques explained there.

• Pick up one or two of the EFT books that are relevant to your problem.

• Post a question in the discussion groups.

• Type your problem into the EFTUniverse site search engine to find out how other people solved the same problem.

If you use the thousands of free resources on this site, plus the many personalized opportunities you'll get through workshops and practitioners, you'll find even the most stubborn problems are often soluble through EFT.

Does EFT work with physical diseases?

There are many stories on this site written by people who've used EFT to reduce the stress associated with their disease, and have found relief from their symptoms. You can also read a tutorial on the subject here.

EFT always tells me to tap on specific events, but I can't remember any such event associated with my problem.

If you can't find an event, you can try making one up, as explained in our tutorial on the subject. Usually the events we imagine are quite close to events that actually happened, and that's often sufficent to make progress with EFT.

EFT practitioners are also trained to help you discover specific events that you can't find on your own, so we recommend you consult a practitioner and take an EFT workshop.

To contact technical support: support(at)eftuniverse(dot)com


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