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Learn EFT

1. FREE EFT Get Started Package


The free Get Started Package gives you:

1. Beginner's EFT tapping training,
2. Includes the e-book The EFT Mini-Manual that gives you all the basics and
3. Includes a free subscription to our popular Weekly Health Report and Special Announcements in which you'll get tips on how to use EFT tapping, updates on the latest health research, and articles written by EFT therapy experts.

Get the Free EFT Get Started Package.


2. EFT Books


1. Our books are a user-friendly introduction to EFT tapping;
2. You don't need to be a licensed professional to get remarkable benefits from the information;
3. You can study the methods at home at your leisure;
4. You can re-read any section till you understand it thoroughly;
5. The books complement the EFT tapping workshops;
6. The books range from the basics taught in The EFT Manual to specific topics like Back Pain, PTSD, Sports Performance and other focused instruction;
7. The books are very affordable, and...
8. Extensive support is available on this website.

Go to the EFT Bookstore.


3. Attend Live Workshops


You get hands-on training from EFT therapy experts, whether you're planning to use EFT tapping just for yourself, whether you want to share it with others, or whether you're a professional looking to use it in your practice. There are several levels of workshops and certifications in EFT therapy.

To find out more, go to: EFT therapy workshop schedule.


4. EFT Free Tutorial


The EFT Tapping Tutorial is designed sequentially to guide you through the application of EFT therapy from the most basic ideas to more advanced concepts. The EFT Tapping Tutorial is the fruit of much experience in mastering the learning curve involved in EFT, and was developed to introduce the basic concepts to newcomers.

It also addresses problems common to even experienced users of EFT.

Click here to visit the master page for the EFT Tapping Tutorial.

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