Energy Healing at the Frontier of Genomics

doi 10.9769.EPJ.2013.5.2.GY

Garret Yount

Abstract: Modern genomics has revealed that the biological source of human complexity is in the regulation of gene expression, or the process of turning genes “on and off” and modulating their products. This chapter describes molecular road maps that could potentially link the effects of healing energy interventions with recently discovered molecules that are potent regulators of gene expression, called microRNAs. Since there are more than a thousand human microRNAs and each of them is believed to be able to regulate the expression of hundreds of target genes, these molecules have wide-ranging influence in biological processes. As an example, molecular routes are described that start with EFT-induced changes in cortisol levels and follow various established signaling pathways leading to the modulation of gene expression that contributes to cancer biology.

Keywords: EFT, gene expression, genomics, epigenetics, microRNA, non-coding RNA, cortisol, -inflammation

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