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Thought Field Therapy and its Derivatives: Rapid Relief of Mental Health Problems through Tapping on the Body

Phil Mollon, MD, Lister Hospital

Primary Care and Community Psychiatry. (2007, December), 12[3-4], 123-127.


A genre of psychotherapeutic enquiry, involving work with the body's energy system as well as the mind, began in the 1970s, arising from the field of Applied Kinesiology as elaborated by psychiatrist Dr. John Diamond. Clinical psychologist, Roger Callahan, built on this work to develop simple procedures for the rapid relief of anxieties and phobias. This approach, called Thought Field Therapy, was later applied to trauma and other forms of mental distress. In recent years a number of derivative methods have been developed. These can be combined with conventional psychodynamic or CBT approaches. A variety of forms of evidence support the use of these 'energy psychology' techniques, including a very large South American study.

Keywords: EFT; Emotional Freedom Techniques; Energy Psychology; meridians; Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy; Seemorg Matrix; TAT; TFT; Thought Field Therapy

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