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EFT Tapping Improves Sports Performance 80.7%

Dear EFT Community,

EFT practitioner, Sam Smith, shares data on a rugby kicking contest with applying EFT. The participants took free kicks from various distances and did so both before and after doing EFT. After EFT tapping, the combined improvement was 80.7%. Please note that part of this improvement could be attributed to "getting better with practice."

-EFT Universe

By Sam Smith

Last weekend I attended a local fundraiser. I find these occasions useful to promote EFT. I give out informational flyers and sheets and try to cater the presentation of EFT to the type of event. 

Because this particular event took place on sporting fields, I set up a kicking competition using EFT as a 'relax and focus' method to aid the kickers (I used prizes as an incentive). The exercise involved the taking of rugby penalty kicks, using an oval rugby ball. (I used rugby because I'm a soccer player and I felt that to kick a rugby ball was more challenging). The ball was placed on a kicking tee and the aim was to get as many over the bar and between the posts as possible.

We used ten different penalty spots. They were all directly in front of the goals and set at the following distances:

20 metres
25 metres
30 Metres
35 metres
40 metres

Volunteers- aged from 12 to 54 yrs (both genders) - were given a few minutes to warm up then took a total of ten place kicks. They had two kicks per distance. The weather was dry but there was a bit of a breeze from their left. At the end they were asked to state what two things they believed prevented them from scoring better and could improve their score for the second round of kicking.

The following statements were most common:

I'm not a rugby player;
I'm not strong enough;
I don't have the proper boots; shoes; kit for this;etc.,
It's too hard (from that distance; from this distance; from this spot;)
I have no technique;
It's been years since I've kicked a ball;
I play real football (soccer);
The wind was against me;
The winds too strong;
Too many people were watching;
I never do good at this type of thing;
Well, it's only a bit of fun;
I knew I couldn't do it;
My aim was off;
I was aiming too low;
I was aiming too high, etc

When the volunteers (37 during the course of the day) completed their first rounds they were shown how to 'relax and focus' using EFT Set-Ups on their statements and a full shortcut round. This was done prior to the second round commencing and where they felt it necessary, the Set-Up statement in between each phase of the two kicks.

Collectively on the first round the results were:

Distance # Attempts # Successes % Success
20 metres 370 71 19.2%
25 metres 370 118 31.9%
30 metres 370 74 20.0%
35 metres 370 55 14.9%
40 metres 370 35 9.5%

(Misses that hit the post or bar = 15)

On the second round:

Distance # Attempts # Successes % Success
20 metres 370 116 31.4%
25 metres 370 179 48.4%
30 metres 370 133 36.0%
35 metres 370 125 33.8%
40 metres 370 85 23.0%

(Misses that hit the post or bar = 163)

So that the results could be readily assessed, I put Sam's data into tables and calculated the % success rates. The improvement should be obvious. If you calculate summaries of the before and after success rates you end up with an overall improvement of 80.7%. Also, the number of "misses that hit the post or bar" improved from 15 to 163 for an overall improvement of 986.7%

I believe that the results could have been better, of course. With more time and attention we could have improved everybody's kicking beyond their wildest imagination. But the time restraints and staffing did not allow me to delve further.

What was evident to those participating and watching was how each individual's second round of penalty kicks came that much closer to going over. This was a startling observation for many.

This result clearly indicates the power of EFT can have in the area of sports performance.

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