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EFT for Minerals, Amino Acids and Vitamins

Dear EFT Community,

Maggie Adkins had an analysis done to determine whether any of her body's minerals, amino acids or vitamins was deficient. As Maggie explains, there were 17 deficient readings. She decided to use EFT as her only treatment for these deficiencies, and 15 of the 17 items improved substantially.

Will M.

By Maggie Adkins

Life Systems is a computerized diagnostic system that reads the skin to determine the amounts of minerals, amino acids and vitamins in the body. It reads the skin electronically through sensors placed around the head, wrists and ankles.

I had two readings 9 days apart. In between those readings I did EFT for 8 days on each of the readings that were 60 and higher. The higher the readings in this system, the less of that particular item is in the body and thus the more deficient you are.

The optimum (normal) reading for each item is 0-29.

A low reading is 30-65.

Anything over 66 is extremely low.

The operators of the system suggest extra supplementation for any reading over 30.

EFT for Eight Days

Life Systems reads 56 different items. I did EFT for the 17 items that had readings of 60 or more.

For 8 days, I did the following EFT. I did not alter my diet in any conscious manner nor did I change the supplements that I take.

Two rounds of EFT were done daily on each reading over 100. One round of EFT was done daily on any reading 60 or over and less than 100.

The following are the EFT affirmations I used:

"Even though my ______ reading is ____, I deeply and profoundly accept myself (sometimes I added "and my body"). I ask (sometimes I changed ask to choose or command) that my ______ reading be between 0 & 30, whatever is perfect for my body/mind/spirit right now."

(Sometimes I added the following: "I ask that my ____ reading come into balance for the greater good of my body/mind/spirit.")

"I forgive myself for any contribution I may have made to my _____ reading being low. I forgive whoever may have made a contribution to my ____ reading being low."

Readings Before and After EFT

The two readings were done on November 16 and November 25, 2005.

There are three categories: Minerals, Amino Acids and Vitamins. The readings here are only on the items over 60 that I did EFT for each day.

The functions of the various minerals, amino acids and vitamins listed below are copied from the Life Systems reports.

The Life Systems practitioners thought the few higher readings were a result of EFT putting my body in a detoxification process.


11/1611/25 - Mineral Function10762Boronnerve, dementia, depression9933Calcium6090Molybdenum*thyroid function, lactation, fatigue6323Seleniumdetox, nerves, energy, skin7050Sulfurenergy, emotions, unfocused7921Tinnerves, muscles - minera96107Vanadiumliver function, heart, muscle

* Please note that I did not know how to pronounce Molybdenum. Instead of saying it out loud in the EFT affirmation, I just looked at the word. I now wonder if that was not as powerful as saying the word. If I had to do this over again, I would ask how to pronounce Molybdenum and say it out loud with confidence.

Amino Acids

11/1611/25 - Amino Acid Function7929Asparticpancreatic function9576Gabamind, brain19728Glutamineenergy, brain8449Leucinemood control, emotions9249Phenylalaninepain control, nerves7325Tyrosinethyroid, pituitary and adrenal8128UracilRNA function - blood


11/1611/25 - Vitamin Function8256Co Q 10brain function, heart9014Vitamin Cascorbic acid13229Vitamin MFolic Acid/Folacin


Out of 17 items in this study, 15 of the readings improved, some of them by a large amount. Two of the readings got worse. The Life Systems practitioners felt that doing EFT had put my body in a detoxification process, which would account for some readings being worse after 8 days of EFT.

I am delighted with the outcome. While this is not a controlled clinical study, it has proven to me, once again, that EFT can make a profound physiological difference in my body. 


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