EFT Before and After Photos: Rouleaux "Blood Cell Clumping"

Note: This article is not put forward as clear scientific research. Rather, this remarkable finding is offered as yet another fascinating EFT anecdotal report ... this time with before and after photos.

Rouleaux is a medical term for a condition wherein the blood cells clump together forming what looks like stacks of coins. This is an unhealthy state because the cells are not free to absorb and carry oxygen. It is a precursor to many serious diseases.

EFT practitioner Rebecca Marina went to her physician, Patricia Felici, ND, for a checkup and, when Rebecca's blood was examined under a microscope (Dark Field Microscopy), it contained substantial blood clumping. Rebecca then corrected this problem with a brief, self-administered EFT session and, when the blood sample was taken again (minutes later), the blood clumping disappeared. This was astonishing to Dr. Felici because, normally, it takes many weeks of nutritional supplements to correct this condition.

No photos were taken of the blood cells at this time. However, a month later Rebecca visited Dr. Felici's offices again. This time, the camera captured the before and after result. Those photos are shown below. After that is Rebecca's account of what happened.

By Rebecca Marina

Pic #1: Rebecca's blood in the badly clumped state. Double click photo for an enlargement. Pic #2: After a few minutes with EFT. Clumping improved. Double click photo for an enlargement. Pic #3: After a few more minutes with EFT. Clumping completely gone. Double click photo for an enlargement.

I love using EFT in my healing practice and have recently found a way to prove (at least to me) in black and white that EFT works!

A friend of mine, Pattricia Felici, is a naturopathic doctor and does nutritional counseling based on blood type science. You have probably heard of "Eat Right for your Blood type" by Peter J. D'Adamo? Well she is trained in his methods as well as being trained in Dark Field Microscopy. She uses a special and very expensive microscope to look at your blood while it is still live and moving around.

The microscope is connected to a special computer screen and you can see your own blood in living color. By looking at your blood in it's "live" state, Patricia can tell what nutrients you are deficient in as well as advise you of any problems she sees. Everything shows up in the blood. After all, our blood gives life to every part of our bodies.

So, when Patricia looked at my blood, she observed that the red blood cells were sort of sticking together. She told me that, because I am blood type B positive, my blood has a sensitivity to fats. Patricia advised me to increase my minerals and to always take digestive enzymes with every meal to help in fat assimilation.

I had no idea that I would be using EFT in my nutritional session with her but I asked Patricia if she would be willing to do an experiment with me about my blood.

She had no clue what I was about to do but agreed anyway. I told her I wanted to try some EFT for my "sticky" blood.

I did one round of, "Even tho my blood is all clumping together..."

Then I did positive choice, (thank you Dr Carrington) of"Even though my blood cells are all sticking together, I choose to allow them to be happy and free and full of oxygen".

I just started to tingle all over!

I then asked Patricia to stick me again in the very same place and look at my blood again. Her jaw just dropped down to the floor! She said she would not have believed it if she had not seen it with her very own eyes!

There in full and living color on the computer screen was the most beautiful picture of healthy blood cells that she had ever seen. If you looked in the dictionary under "perfect blood cells" there would be a picture of my blood at that moment!

The only regret I had was that her computer was not set up to take pictures of the blood at the time. I asked her if she could please get in touch with the tech and set that up.

It took her a month or so but she called me when it was ready.

I went in all excited to re-do the experiment with EFT. Lo and behold, when she looked at my blood under the microscope, it was still picture perfect. I had eaten lot's of fat all morning in the hopes of clumping it up.

Sooooo, using EFT, I simply asked my blood to clump up again. Actually, being a little bit "Southern", I asked my red blood cells to "love up" on one another.

I actually felt a little slump in my energy as i was doing this. You know, if the red blood cells are all stuck together, your body is not able to absorb oxygen as well.

So, Patricia stuck me again (same place) and placed the sample under the microscope.

Look at picture # 1, that is the most awful clumped up mess you have ever seen! it was much worse than the first time I came to visit her. I must confess, I started to get a little bit worried.

So, I started to do EFT to straighten this mess out. I said"Even tho I asked you to clump all together, I thank you but I am asking you to be happy and free and full of oxygen".

Patricia stuck me again and there was a little bit of improvement but not much. (SEE pic #2)

I then asked Patricia what specifically needed to happen for my blood to get better. She said the red blood cells needed to absorb more minerals and become electro statically charged in order to bounce off one another. She also said the cells needed to release any lectins they were holding on to.

I then did EFT for all the above as well as asking the assistance from the whole body. I started to feel tingly again and knew it was working!

Patricia stuck me once more and placed the sample under the microscope. There was the most perfect example of blood that ever was. There is even a very healthy white blood cell in there helping out. See picture # 3.

This may not be proof to the scientific community but it sure is to me and to my friend Patricia as well. She uses her work with dark field microscopy for research purposes only and is eager to do more experiments with me.

I hope this account of my experience and the pictures will be of help to some of the EFT practitioners out there.

Rebecca Marina


0 #3 k 2013-10-05 04:51
Very lucky find for me. I'm B positive too and have to take digestive enzyme supplements with high-fat or high protein meals AND have thal[censored]e mie beta minor or "Mediterranean" anemia.

Your ability to work with yourself — wow.

-1 #2 Brijit 2013-06-29 15:34
I'd love to see the pictures, but unfortunately, they either weren't included here on your page, or somehow disappeared. I too, just saw rouleaux images of my own blood and I'd like to learn more about this. My blood cells are also abnormally shaped, suggesting anemia and there is evidence of Candida in my system. Hoping to finally be healed of all of these issues. Have tried EFT without much luck.
0 #1 patricia 2013-06-09 07:40
Interesting information. i have found the need to try this tecninque as i am suffering from :roll: depression. :roll:

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