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Restless Leg Syndrome Linked to Guilt - 20 Years of Restlessness Gone in 2 Sessions

Dear Readers,

Being specific with EFT is incredibly important - when can you reach to the emotional root of an issue, you are much more likely to be able to clear physical symptoms that may be related. Marian Mills demonstrates this in the submission below, and says, "When she came for the next session, some of the restlessness in both legs and arms had subsided, and she had had the first good night’s sleep for years.  But she wasn’t completely better and felt there was more we could do.  We started tapping for her feelings of guilt and remorse at “giving her daughter away’...."

-Will M.

By Marian Mills

Mary came to see me, in some desperation, because she had restless legs and arms.  I'd heard of Restless Leg Syndrome before, but never arms as well.  She was unable to sit still during the day and had interrupted sleep at night, often spending time pacing the room waiting for the restless feeling to pass.

I tuned in quite quickly to the fact that Mary was someone who likes to keep herself busy, and found it very difficult to unwind and relax, even without the restless feeling in legs and arms.  So in the first session we tapped on the beliefs (writing on her walls) that came from her childhood in a rural farming community.  These were mostly about issues to do with laziness, hard work and guilt at the sacrifices her parents had made to put her through school and college.

Even though the devil makes work for idle hands

Even though nobody just sat around, there was always work to be done

Even though I wanted to run away from it all

Even though I felt trapped by what was expected of me

Even though I was told off if I didn’t complete my chores

Even though mum and dad worked so hard for my sake

Even though I had to go to college for mum and dad’s dream

At the end of the session, she told me about her daughter who had been born with a disability and who she had placed in a home when she was 7 years old.  We agreed to focus on that memory at the next session.

When she came for the next session, some of the restlessness in both legs and arms had subsided, and she had had the first good night’s sleep for years.  But she wasn’t completely better and felt there was more we could do.  We started tapping for her feelings of guilt and remorse at “giving her daughter away’.

Even though I feel guilty about that decision

Even though I felt so incredibly sad

Even though I knew she would have a better life if I let her go

Even though I had to decide so quickly, I really didn’t have enough time

Even though it was such a huge decision and I had to make it alone

Even though I was doing the best I could, it just wasn’t enough

Even though I felt quite sure I was doing the right thing, what if

Even though I got it wrong

Even though they would be cruel to her

Even though she missed me too much

Even though I missed her terribly and felt so sad that she was no longer with me

She had one particular image which came from a vivid dream that had stayed with her for years after.  She was able to recall it in clear detail.  We tapped for the image, and I didn't ask her to describe it to me, as she was evidently extremely upset.  After a round or two of silent tapping, she was sufficiently calm to tell me it was an image of the care workers in her daughter’s home pouring scalding hot water on her daughter’s legs, and her daughter being completely helpless to defend herself.

We tapped for the fears this dream image brought up and the extreme guilt she had carried for years about her decision to place her daughter into care rather than struggling on trying to care for her at home.  She visibly relaxed in front of my eyes, and she told me then that she had never before told anyone about the dream.  She felt relieved.

We booked a follow-up session for the next week, but she phoned me only a few days later to cancel it, saying that all symptoms of restlessness in both arms and legs had completely subsided.  She was able to sit down in the afternoon and sleep through the night.  She was so grateful for the release from the symptoms that had been torturing her for more than 20 years.  She had also finally managed to tell her husband about what had happened all those years ago and how she no longer had the guilt or sadness she had been so accustomed to.

Marian Mills

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