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By Ilana Weiler

I was working with an EFT tapping group on the topic of abundance. In a previous meeting, I had handed out a list of about 25 sentences on what we tell ourselves about money. Each person had to identify which sentences they related to using.

"Ruth" chose the sentence "run after the money" because she felt like the antithesis of a magnet for money. Acquiring money had always seemed for her like running a race.

We tapped:

Even though money always felt like a race, always have to run after it, I deeply and completely accept myself.

As we tapped, we changed the Reminder Phrase as needed.

Then Ruth said, "It's like a cat and a mouse." I asked, "Who is the cat and who is the mouse?"

"Sometimes I am the cat and sometimes I am the mouse," she replied. "Sometimes I am doing the chasing and sometimes I am being chased."

While we tapped, alternating the cat and the mouse, Ruth suddenly said, "It's persecution." You know how it feels when your intuition tells you that this is a button? That's the way it was, so we tapped on the word persecution.

"What does this remind you of?" I asked. "Do you remember being persecuted?"

"I can't believe it," she said. Suddenly, a memory she hadn't remembered for 43 years surfaced. It was so vivid that she could remember the smells attached to the memory. Ruth recalled running away from the dentist chair. The dentist chasing her was her father (along with his "helper"). They chased her down the corridor. (We used the gentle Movie Technique to deal with that memory.)

When I asked her how this little girl feels, she said, "Frightened, helpless and angry."

"Where can you feel it in your body?" I asked. 

"It's in my stomach. It feels like concrete, grey and heavy."

Here I decided to use some guided imagery and while tapping, I guided her to use her own images, to empty them from a bucket, and then fill the bucket up with confidence and love.

Then we checked her SUD Level of intensity on a scale of 0 to 10. She was at 0, so we continued to the next picture. It was a touching process. And then came the most important thing, in my opinion: the cognitive shift that happens so miraculously with EFT.

"I don't understand why it has to be a race?" Ruth said. "Why do I have to feel as if I have to chase money, instead of just remembering that there's all this abundance in the world and I only have to connect with it and let myself accept whatever comes to me?"

This was impressive and exciting. I could feel it was said from a very deep place. But I still wondered what the connection was.

I explained to the group my understanding: "Our brain works like a computer. In Ruth's brain, there is a file called 'race' or 'persecution.' This file is connected to money, as money is experienced by her as a race. Each time she thinks or feels that feeling of racing for money, it opens the specific file in her brain and evokes all other negative memories concerning racing."

Once we released this memory that she'd had since the age of 7, it caused a cognitive shift and freed her to receive more abundance into her life. 

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