Imaginary tapping sends grief away

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By Jesus Alfredo Cruz-Perez (Chuy)

I have been practicing EFT for several months, and have become passionate about the technique.  While watching your videos, I saw one where you were talking about "imaginary tapping", using EFT without actually tapping, just imagining it.  At first, I couldn't believe it, because I thought it impossible and crazy.

I went out with my wife to watch a romantic movie called "PS: I love you."  The man's funeral is held in a bar, where his urn is placed with some glasses and a bottle of whiskey in front of it.  His friends pour him a drink and say a few words.

That scene brought some painful memories to my mind.  It has been 6 years since my little brother passed away.  I have been working on some aspects related to my brother's death and have been writing them in my notebook in order to work on them one by one.  Every time I went to visit him where we placed his urn, I felt so much pain and sadness.  I had already written a note in my notebook to deal with this aspect; "work on the place where we put his urn".

When I saw that scene, I realized that the aspect I need to deal with is the urn itself and not the place where we put it.  I used to live in Aguascalientes, Mexico and I traveled 8 hours to get to the funeral (the longest 8 hours of my life) in our hometown of Gomez Palacio.  When I got home, the only thing I saw was the urn.

My anxiety level during that scene was almost a 10, I think it was a 9 because I almost cried and I started to shiver.  I remembered the DVD about the "imaginary tapping" and without saying a setup statement, I just focused on that scene and on my memory of seeing my brother's urn, and I started doing "Imaginary Tapping".

I began at the eyebrow point, then the side of the eye, and when I got to the point under the eye my anxiety level was almost down to a 1.  I felt it in my body, which was quite relaxed.  I continued under the nose, under the lip, collarbone, under the arm, under the nipple.  At the end of this "short-cut" round my whole body was so relaxed, and I was amazed!

I saw other scenes that made me remember my little brother, and I did another round, and found that "my point" for "imaginary tapping" is under the eye, because there my anxiety level instantly went down to a 0.

Throughout the movie I remembered my brother and although it was about the death of a husband, I related it to the death of a loved one.  I finished watching the movie relaxed and at peace.

I firmly believe that those of us who have a loved one in heaven, can use EFT to release the pain of not having them physically with us.  The memories are still here in my mind and my heart, but the pain is gone now.

My parents are learning EFT in order to release the emotion attached to the loss of my brother - my dad is learning quickly.  Seeing them happy and keen to go on living is the best gift I could receive.

Thank you, Gary for sharing this awesome tool with us.

Your Mexican friend,

Jesus Alfredo Cruz-Perez (Chuy)

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