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Candace Pert,PhD endorses EFT
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Resolving several aspects of grief over the death of a beloved pet

By Dawn Murray

Joyce came to me and asked for some assistance with dealing with the death of her dog.  "Ginger" had certainly become a huge part of the family, grew up with the kids and was just "always there".  Joyce had to make the decision over a weekend to put her pet down as he was suffering greatly for too long and she couldn't stand it any longer.  On a scale of 0 to 10 intensity she was at a 20!

Joyce had tearful outbursts and extreme anxiety.  We went right to the two main issues she was having, the first of which was the guilt for putting him down.  We started out tapping on the Karate chop point saying, Even though I feel so guilty for putting poor old Ginger down… with the reminder phrases, this guilt …, this guilt is eating me up …I can't think of anything else but how guilty I feel about putting Ginger down.

We continued for two more rounds of tapping on the guilt, having to live with the guilt and feeling like the guilt was eating her up even though his quality of life was extreme misery.  At the end of those rounds Joyce's intensity level was about 2 to 3 out of 10 and then she burst into tears once more.

That was, of course my clue that the next aspect had come to the surface.  I asked Joyce what had come up for her and what the intensity level was.  She could barely talk but I got the message that she couldn't stand the pain of missing him.

When she woke up in the morning he was such a part of her morning ritual and he wasn't there any longer.  Everything she did used to rotate around putting him out, feeding him while she ate, putting him out again, spending time with him just chatting, so we tapped a few rounds on that 10 out of 10 intensity level until we had it down pretty well.

The next issue that was right behind the first one was when she got home at night.  He had always been there waiting for her with unconditional love and the "look in those eyes.”  This was also a 10 out of 10 intensity level for Joyce and we tapped until the tears dried. This took 3 rounds and also resolved the huge disruption out of her coming home and not finding him there.

I simply used her words to replay them back to her while we tapped out the disruption in her energy field.  EFT works so efficiently and quickly Joyce was surprised that she could actually speak about her Ginger and not go back into the old way of feeling bad.  She now recalls the fun times they had and what a good watchdog he had been with their children.

Joyce was very thankful to have that burden lifted because she thought those horrible memories would be with her forever.  Now she recalls Ginger as she truly wants to remember him.

In speaking with Joyce a few months later she told me she was so grateful for being able to "get over" Ginger's death by using EFT.  She also thought the tapping had worked on some past pain from her grandmother’s death that she had been harboring, and now she felt so much better about that grief as well.  Joyce is now using EFT on some other issues that she has been trying to deal with and having surprising success.  I take Gary's advice and try it on everything, offering a money back guarantee … it works!!

Dawn Murray

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