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Nathaniel Brandon

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Candace Pert,PhD endorses EFT
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Wayne Dyer
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Professor Bessel Van der Kolk
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Bruce Lipton, PhD endorses EFT
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Saying "goodbye" with the “gentle hand" of EFT

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to get our Free EFT Get Started Package or our EFT Books and EFT Trainings for a more complete understanding. For more, read our EFT Info and Disclaimer Document.

By Sue Sawyer

I wanted to share with you my very personal story, of how I used EFT in one of the most difficult times of my life.  At some time everyone has to face this same situation and I thought that in sharing my story, it might just help others to utilize the resources of EFT during this life changing event.

With Love,

Sue Sawyer


The phone call came at three o’clock in the morning.  It was the Hospital where my elderly father had been admitted earlier that day after collapsing with low blood pressure. We had been assured over the phone that he was fine and they would monitor him overnight. The situation however had suddenly worsened and the urgency expressed by the nurse over the phone left me in little doubt that I had to leave straight away. But the Hospital was over eighty miles away from where I lived.

As a Meridian Energy Therapist and daily user of EFT, I immediately started tapping to calm my initial panic and then the increasing and growing fear that I might be too late and not get to my Dad in time.  As my Husband drove hastily down the motorway in the middle of the night I tapped surrogately for my Father, I tapped for an acceptance, a sense of ease and most of all for his frail body to find the strength to support his life force.

On arrival at the Hospital, my Father was unconscious, all systems had shut down, and he had suffered renal failure, which had then triggered a heart attack.  He was on oxygen and sedated. The young Doctor on duty was honest enough to tell me that he felt that my Father’s systems were really now at the point of just shutting down and perhaps it would be best if we accepted he might not wake up.

In the room, I lay with him on his bed and had a sense that he would leave us soon. There was nothing more that the Doctors could do, so I did what instinctively came to me, which was to use EFT.  I gently tapped him vocalizing my thoughts so he could hear my words.  I tapped to ease his breathing, I tapped to ease his pain and most of all I tapped to soften any fears.  As I tapped, it seemed to soften my turmoil allowing me to graciously accept his condition even as I spoke the words, “Even though my breath is failing, I totally love and accept myself. Even though my breathing is now just so difficult and so laboured, I love and accept myself!” As I tapped for hisrenewed strength …he opened his eyes.  I had been given the chance, the blessing of a moment and was able to reinforce to my Father just how loved he was, how unique his life had been and how wonderful the legacy of memories he had left with my children.

After closing his eyes, his breathing changed and I knew instinctively that it was time for him to go, so I tapped again for any fear and anxiety he might have of leaving his loved ones. As his breathing became shallower I gently tapped just his hands and told him a story of a magical journey; one that he was about to start, a journey that would be so extraordinary so beautiful and beyond anything that he could dream of.  It was then that I told him that he could go and start that journey and that it was ok to go. I shared his last breaths, breathing in time with him.  When all became quiet… I just carried on tapping myself, still telling the story of the amazing journey that he was now just beginning.

The pain of letting my Dad go was softened and my fears eased with the continuous tapping and it emotionally freed me, allowing me to find the words and find my voice at a time when I really needed them. I thank EFT for giving me such a simple tool that I could use at a time when I could have felt so overwhelmed and helpless.  I have no doubt that it helped my Father, he did wake up and we were able to say all that we wanted to say. In tapping him for his fears it helped soften mine, in tapping for his ebbing strength it helped me find my own. Such a simple technique yet with such power.

I urge everyone to put the gentle hand of EFT into their pocket, let it become the friend that you can always depend on when things just seem too much, or the place you are in feels too hard ….. you can soften it with EFT.

Sue Sawyer, BA (Hons). MAR. AOSM. AMET

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