Using EFT for Letting Go of Suicidal Thoughts

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EFT practitioner, Karen Stock shares some tips for dealing with despondence.  Using EFT to help a despondent client talk openly about suicidal thoughts and feelings can help save a life. Note that to work with a suicidal client is a great responsibility and should not be entered into without advising they consult with a physician and set up as many support mechanisms as possible for the individual.

-David MacKay

 By Karen Stock

Over a year ago somebody approached me to help with that person's suicidal thoughts.  The person was very unhappy due to a recent break-up.  I explained EFT to the person.  The person was not familiar with EFT but decided to give it a try.  

After approximately half an hour the suicidal thoughts were gone and have not come back since that time.  I cannot give out much in terms of details but here are some of the set-up phrases that might be useful for other people who are struggling with suicidal thoughts.

Even though I have these suicidal thoughts, I am willing to live some more.

Even though I have these suicidal thoughts, I am really willing to live some more and I am willing to find reasons to continue with my life.

Even though I feel so unhappy, I am willing to live for something that brings me happiness.

Even though I am so unhappy about the break-up, I am choosing to love myself and I am choosing to see that I am the most important person in my life.

Even though I feel no real reason to live anymore, I am choosing to make a new start and find interesting things to do again.

Even though I feel that I have no real purpose in life any longer, I am willing to find a new purpose in my life.

Even though I feel so heart-broken from this break-up, I choose to deeply love and accept myself.

Even though I thought that this was the right person for the rest of my life, I am willing to let go and to find new friends.

Even though I feel like that I have nothing to live for without this person in my life, I am willing to let go and find other reasons to live.

The person thanked me for the session, was amazed how well it worked, and said that they would come back to do more work in this way. 

Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.


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