If the Phones Don’t Work, Try EFT

Dear Readers,

When Christina Degano was delayed, and unable to phone her waiting parents, EFT seems to have bridged the communication gap admirably, and brought calm to all concerned. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

-David MacKayThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">

By Christina Degano

Following the advice: "Try it on anything..."  This is quite an abstract, and non-localized application, but all signs indicate that EFT worked here too...

I was delayed on a flight that would have allowed me to meet my parents in their home city, where I was to briefly see them, in particular, for a certain exchange of items before I quickly hopped on another connecting flight.

My parents have always been far from calm; God bless them, for I truly do adore them, but 'going with the flow' is an unknown phenomenon for them, even at this more mature time in their lives.

My flight was significantly delayed even at the gate, before take-off at Point A, but frustratingly enough, I could not reach them.  It was a longish way to the airport for them, and it was late, so I was especially nervous.  Totally at the mercy of fate, in trying to make this important meeting, I did one of the only things I could: EFT.  Bear in mind, I had only studied the free manual, so my technique was basic, but solid.

Briefly, I went through the Basic Recipe, using all tapping and gamut points... with the following set-up:

"Even though I am anxious about being late and missing Mom and Papa [my parents], I know that they will be there waiting, calmly and comfortably."

Reminder phrases:

“Nervous and anxious;

Worried about missing them;

Concerned they might leave;

Knowing they will wait and not fret;

Efficient exchange of items;

Very pleasant meeting;

All will go perfectly.”

Upon arrival, I ran off the plane and all the way to our regular meeting spot... and they were there.  Their car practically the only one there because of the late hour.  'Oddly enough', security had not chased them away; my mother was not frantically searching for me all over departures level; my father was not frustrated... Rather, they were both sitting in the car, calm and happy to see me.  They stated that they simply knew I was going to show up.

Small (non)-incident you may say, but for me, the energy felt completely and stunningly new and improved! Will be testing now, with general family dynamics.  I encourage you to try it as well...The holidays are here, after all ;)

Happiest of holidays to all.

Christina Degano

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