EFT Practitioner Certification: Grandparentingclinical EFT handbook

We acknowledge all the wonderful EFT practitioners who have already spent time, money and energy obtaining certifications, and are helping people worldwide with EFT.

In recognition of this, those who have obtained other EFT certifications can be grandparented into the EFT Universe certification program. The intent is to honor the trainings and certifications that have been offered over time, yet still uphold the high standards of Clinical EFT at EFT Universe.

These standards have led to accreditation of EFT Universe trainings as CME (Continuing Medical Education) courses for doctors (American Medical Association), nurses (American Nurses Credentialing Commisssion), psychologists and psychotherapists (American Psychological Association), and social workers (NASWB).

The grandparenting policy is as follows:

Any set of Level 1 and 2 workshops you have taken with a trainer not certified by EFT Universe makes you eligible to take an online test to become an Intermediate Practitioner Candidate.

This test follows the curriculum of the Level 1 and 2 workshops, and the content of the required readings. You can take the test here. If you successfully "test out" of Level 1 and your first Level 2 in this way, you are then considered an Intermediate Practitioner Candidate, and you can complete the remaining requirements to become fully certified as an EFT Intermediate Practitioner.

The online test determines if the previous courses or certifications you took (e.g. EFT-CC, EFT-ADV, ACEP EFT, ACEP CEHP or DCEP, or AMT or AAMET Level 1, 2, 3 or Trainer) followed the curriculum and covered the content of Level 1 and 2 workshops, whether you have retained that knowledge, and whether you've completed the required readings.

Once you have passed the test, you can submit your certification application and payments. 

If you were an ACEP EFT certification candidate at the time of the cancellation of that program but not yet certified, follow the procedure above, starting with the test or a Level 1 and 2 workshop

If you completed ACEP certification, and are listed on the ACEP web site as a certified practitioner, contact Marion Allen This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for grandparenting instructions.

Find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about grandparenting here.

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