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Self Sabotage Hiding Away Behind Massive Reversal

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By Manfred Luck

This is the story of a client who unusually came to my clinic, I mostly work over the phone, for a session on various non specific issues of feeling held back.

I did some muscle testing and found her massively reversed with the brain hemispheres desynchronized and grains, lactose and nightshades testing toxic.

Interestingly she couldn't even say the words "I want to be healthy." It was like looking at a beautiful frightened deer before me.

I had her do the thymic thump as I learnt from David R Hawkins which cleared the reversal for now.

Testing showed there was a family member toxic in her field and she mentioned father and how she was totally accepting of him... all the nice spiritual philosophy.

I invited her to tell me what the issue with him was and her resistance became total.

Sometimes I ask my clients "How much do you want to know the truth of yourself"  Her answer was zero percent.  As she'd come for a session I knew that couldn't be true though it was certainly true in that moment.  Asking her to close her eyes and breathe into her belly was impossible for her to do."The world might disappear."

So we did some tapping on that fear till she could go inside and find the belief behind her sadness about her father which was, "He didn't respect me."

I used Byron Katie's inquiry process on the belief with tapping which then turned around to "I didn't respect him," the specifics of which produced a whole bunch of lightening up, and then the turnaround: "I didn't respect me."

Once the specifics of how she hadn't respected herself with her father were revealed, the whole underpinnings of the self sabotage program were on the table.  Namely doing what she thought he wanted her to do in such a way as to make it not work and thus make him wrong.  Using herself and her life as a weapon of war to get back at him.

Her eyes got really bright and she looked right into me and said it was like she'd just been tickled deep inside.

And I almost died from the experience of the love and truth in the room.

I suggested she might want to share with him what she'd been doing [they were estranged], hoping I wasn't being premature and getting to far ahead.  People are so amazing... she said “I'll go see him tonight.”

Before she left I retested and found the brain hemispheres were now synchronized, the foods tested fine, and so did Dad.

Amazing what we do to ourselves.

The ability of an uninvestigated thought/belief to turn our lives into a nightmare with our mind constantly finding evidence as proof is truly staggering.

I'm left with tears of gratitude at being able to witness and facilitate such beauty.

Manfred Luck


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