The purpose of the EFT Community Map is to help people find the best practitioner for their particular needs, or a workshop where they can learn the technique, as well as create a sense of community. It is a free resource and anyone who is willing to work with others using EFT can share their information, and anyone who teaches EFT can announce their live workshops. This includes of course professional therapists and trainers, but also those who are starting out and want to exchange sessions with their peers. Because this is open to all, it is your responsibility to make the best choice for yourself. You can report abuse by clicking on the envelope icon in the top right corner. Although this resource is geographically oriented, remember that most practitioners can attend over the phone or via internet, so you needn’t limit your search to those who are nearby.



- The map will open showing the entire globe. A timer wheel will be turning until all pins are displayed; how long that takes depends on your internet connection speed.
- By clicking on one of the pins you can see the corresponding data. If pins overlap, zoom in until they separate.
- You can zoom in by double-clicking anywhere except on a pin. You can also zoom in by clicking on the (+) button of the zoom bar on the left side or dragging the slider upwards.
- You can zoom out by clicking on the (–) button or dragging the slider downwards.
- You can move the map by clicking on the arrows of the navigation disk or by clicking anywhere on the map except on a pin, and dragging the map.


Pin color:

There’s a legend at the bottom right to indicate the significance of pin colors. Generally red is for female practitioners, blue is for male practitioners, yellow is for workshops, and the tone of the color indicates the level of certification.


Type of pins to display:

You can use the menu near the top right corner of the map to choose to see only course pins, only personal pins, or All active pins. The past courses option is for trainers who want to repeat a course offering from the past on a new date.



- You can show only those practitioners who speak a given language by choosing the language from the first drop down menu and clicking on the blue search button to the right of the Focus menu.
- You can show only those who focus on certain issues by choosing the issue from the second drop down menu and clicking the same blue button. The map will show the whole world with the pins that match your search.
- These searches can be combined by choosing an option from each menu before clicking the search button. For example, this way you could show only practitioners who speak English and focus on Pain management.
- You can also search using the ‘Search for a word’ field; just write a word in this field and click the search button to the right. You will be shown all the practitioners and workshops that include that word. For example you could search for a practitioner by entering their name in the search field, or you could search for practitioners who combine EFT with Reiki by searching for Reiki, or you could search for Level 1 workshops by typing in Level-1.


Add your personal data:

  1. Find the precise location on the map where you would like to place your pin. If you don’t see your location on the map, zoom out and drag the map until your location is approximately in the middle of the screen, then zoom in on your location. If you use the zoom bar, as you zoom in you might need to drag the map again so your location stays near the middle. If you double click at your location to zoom in, it will stay in the middle. When you can see the streets around your location, you might want to change to Satellite mode, so that you get the map and a satellite view overlaid. This can help you identify the exact location where you want your pin. If you are uncomfortable with showing your exact location, choose an intersection reasonably close by. Observe the scale bar in the lower left corner, which changes with each zoom. A scale of 50 m / 200 ft is adequate for precise pin placement.
  2. Right click at the point where you want to place your pin; control-click on a Mac. A pin will appear at this point and an input form will open. The fields marked with an asterisk must have some input supplied; most of these are intended to avoid accidental omissions, never to oblige you to supply information you would rather not; even a space will usually do.
  3. Enter your full name as you want it to appear to the public. This will appear as balloon text when the user mouses over your pin. You may want to include a title such as Dr. Indicate your gender, work language and alternate language, and select 2 focuses from the drop down menus. Work language refers to the language you usually work in and alternate language is another language you speak well enough for use in an EFT session. The alternate language can be left blank. Focuses refer to types of problems you are particularly good at assisting people with, perhaps from specialized training you have, or personal experience. You may want to indicate general issues if you are getting started in EFT and haven’t yet identified your strengths. Keep in mind that people won’t usually be looking for someone who handles general issues, so it will probably be more productive to indicate more specific focuses when you can. Provide as much contact information as you care to. You will be required to enter a valid email address, since this is where we will send the password that will allow you to edit your data or move your pin in the future. You may upload a small photo of yourself, up to 300 x 300 pixels. When you click on the Upload Photo button you will be prompted to indicate where it is currently stored on your computer. If you have problems uploading the photo, send it to me as an email attachment and I'll do it for you. My address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  4. When the information on the input form is complete, click on the Send button. You will be able to see your pin after you reload the web page. You will receive an email with the password that will allow you to edit your data as often as you want.
  5. The Certification Level indicated on new pins will initially be shown as ‘Unspecified’. Only the administrator can change this; please see the certification requirements page to determine whether a change in status is merited. If you hold a certificate prior to the EFTUniverse certification program, please check the grandparenting policy. The Levels that can be shown are as follows: Level 1 Workshop Attendee, Level 2 Workshop Attendee, Level 3 Workshop Attendee, EFT-INT Practitioner Candidate, EFT-INT Practitioner, EFT-Level 1 Trainer Candidate, EFT-Level 1 Trainer, EFT-EXP Practitioner Candidate, EFT-EXP Practitioner, EFT-Level 3 Trainer Candidate, EFT-Level 3 Trainer, EFT-Master Practitioner, EFT-Trainer of Trainers. Send a request stating the justification, using the envelope icon in the top right corner of the map page.
  6. If you work in more than one language, you can add another pin with your data in that language. If you give sessions at more than one location, you can add additional pins at each location.


Add a workshop

  1. To add a workshop pin, you must first input your personal data as indicated above. Make a note of the reference number from your personal pin. Please announce only live workshops which are based on EFT. The workshop pin is shaped so that you can place it at the same location as your personal data pin without completely hiding it if you give sessions and teach EFT at the same location. The procedure is very similar to that described above. You start by finding the precise location on the map where the workshop will be given.
  2. Right click at the point where you want to place your pin; control-click on a Mac. When the input form appears, select ‘Workshop Entry Form’.
  3. Choose the Workshop Type from the drop down menu. This will appear as balloon text when the user mouses over the pin. Enter the start and finish dates, the total number of hours of instruction. When you enter your Reference Number, data will be drawn from your personal pin to fill in data on the workshop form. All of this may be edited for the workshop, except the Instructor Name field. Add the description of the workshop; if it is not evident that the workshop is based on EFT, the pin may be deleted by the administrator.
  4. When the information on the input form is complete, click on the Send button. The data will be screened for valid dates and hours of instruction, so you may be requested to adjust data before it is accepted. You will be able to see your workshop pin after you reload the web page. Workshops are automatically deleted after the finish date. You can cancel a workshop at any time by clicking the Cancel button at the bottom of the output form and entering your password.

Modify your pin:

  1. Open your pin and click on the Edit button at the bottom of the form. If you don't know your password click on the Email password button and check your email account.
  2. Select whether you want to change the data or the pin position.
  3. If you choose to modify the data, you will be able to edit and resubmit any of the original data you entered, and upload a new photo if you wish.
  4. If you choose to modify the position, you will see just your pin on the map. Zoom out if necessary to see your current and new location, then drag the pin to the new location. If necessary, repeat the pocess until your pin is at it's exact new location.

Add comment

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