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Using EFT for an Elimination Diet

Dear EFT Community,

Annette Vaillancourt had been carrying around an abundance of weight since her teenage years. She uses EFT on her cravings for simple carbohydrates after being diagnoses with candida, and the weight simply falls off. She's now in Karate training, with the goal of becoming a black belt! 

-Dawson Church

By Annette Vaillancourt

I have struggled with weight since I was a teenager.

At my top weight, I was 234 pounds and wearing a size 1X.  I'd always heard that it was harder to lose weight as you get older.  I work as a therapist, so I sit for a living. I wasn't very active.

At 50-something, I was starting to ache all over in the morning.  I was only half-hearted about exercise.

My motivation to lose weight came from an unlikely source.  I had been diagnosed with a systemic candidas infection (yeast) caused by two rounds of prednisone I'd taken to rid myself of a particularly stubborn case of poison ivy.

Within 2 months of completing that treatment, I had an angry, red, itchy rash from my pubic bone to my earlobes.

I couldn't sleep or wear tight fitting clothes.  I was afraid my skin would scar from the boils of the rash.  It was miserable, but very motivating.

My doctors didn't know how to treat this, other than to give me creams which did not help.  I got on the internet and learned that the only way to cure the candidas was to "starve" it by removing all foods from your diet that fed the yeast.  

That included sugar, yeast, mushrooms, high sugar fruits and juices, potatoes and all fermented products like cheese, vinegar, alcohol, Since I was a self-confessed "sugar addict" and chocoholic, I thought this would be very difficult.

So I started using EFT to overcome my cravings for sugar, pasta, bread and simple carbohydrates.  

The cravings went away instantly.

 Instead of craving chocolate, I now crave broccoli!  Within a month the angry, itchy rash was completely gone.  And I started to lose weight without doing anything else.  

Within the first year I lost 35 pounds. I plateaued for a while.  Then I lost another 15, then plateaued again.  Then I lost another 20 pounds and am now hovering around a "normal" weight for my height and age.  

Actually, I now wear a size 12 in jeans and anywhere from an 8 - 10 in a dress.  I haven't been that small since junior high school and I'm 56-yearsold!

So much for it being harder to lose weight when you get older.  Oh, and 2.5 years ago, just because I had so much energy, I took up Shotokan Karate.  

My goal is Black Belt before 60!

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