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I've been involved with several studies of EFT for traumatic events like childhood abuse and war trauma. EFT is very useful at reducing the emotional triggering characteristic of highly traumatic memories. You can read some of those studies on our EFT Research Pages.

The menu below will take you to a series of actual cases where EFT has been applied to Trauma and Abuse. They are written by experienced practitioners and clients and display the versatility of this process. Please note that some of these Trauma and Abuse cases are very severe and of long duration.

If you have suffered abuse, please don't read cases that might trigger strong emotions unless you are being counseled by a competent and licensed mental health professional trained in managing trauma. To get the most out of EFT, enroll for an EFT workshop, contact one of our certified practitioners, read the book EFT for PTSD, and start with the free EFT Mini-Manual.

You can also ask a question, connect with others, and post a comment by visiting our Trauma and PTSD Discussion Group.

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Trauma, Abuse, & PTSD Case Histories

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