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Alan Morison uses EFT for a client's neck stiffness and digs to find a plethora of underlying emotional issues.


By Alan Morison

I have to write this case study as I have never come across such a 'natural' as Sheena, a wonderful lady who revealed the different stages of progress through her issue in colors. All it needed was an interpretation of them as we proceeded. She knew nothing of their significance but each color had a relevance to her own situation. I have included a list of the colors and their associated meanings at the end of this article.

Sheena came for treatment for a very stiff neck which would relax with massage but revert the next day to stiffness.

I decided not to ask for her level of intensity in numbers, preferring instead to follow her physical reactions. So, after explaining the process and saying that a physical condition very often had emotional causes, we began with a simple opener, tapping for the 'pain and stiffness' in her neck. That seemed to ease things a little so I asked if she felt there was a color associated with her condition.

She immediately said 'Red' so we tapped for the 'red stiffness and pain'.

Strangely, that didn't produce any shift, so I asked if this 'redness' reminded her of anything. "It was the family situation," she said.

She always felt left out, ignored as a child. Her older sister was the favorite, always doing more, getting more praise. Yes, she could remember one particular time when she had done what she felt was a good piece of work for school but it was quickly brushed aside with some placatory words from her parents which she felt did not do justice to her effort.

We tapped using her words and phrases and feelings, 'Not fair', 'Should have listened to me', 'They are just ignoring me' This produced the color orange, so we tapped for 'this orange feeling in my shoulders and neck.' It quickly became a yellow sensation, then after another round, returned to orange again, the pain and stiffness remaining the same.

Not being the quickest on the uptake, I began now to realize that Sheena was revealing chakra colors, moving up steadily from the red base chakra round the hips which can represent a family situation, to the orange second chakra below the navel, relationships, then the third yellow chakra at the solar plexus, personal power. She had moved back to the second chakra as there was still something there to be resolved.

Sheena had heard about chakras but knew little more than the name.

I was about to mention the associated colors but decided not to as I didn't want to feed her with any suggestions, so I simply asked, thinking of her return to the second chakra, how she felt about her sister. 'We get on well,' she said, but there is still that feeling that she is preferred to me. I know she can't help it but that's the way it is.'

So we next worked on 'This orange sister feeling, It's not fair, She still gets the attention'.

A subsequent round involved tapping specifically for a small but significant emotion relating to a fairly recent event where Mother once more had said how accomplished her sister was, the inference from Sheena being that she wasn't as good. Tapping worked well and we continued to concentrate on her neck and shoulders as the tightness there subsided little by little.

Now the color she experienced was yellow as she moved from second to third chakra. As we tapped for the 'yellow feeling in my neck' she felt a sudden relaxation. The stiffness and pain were now down to a dull ache with better mobility. The third chakra is our personal power centre so I asked if there were any other feelings regarding her sister. I could hardly believe her reply! 'I always felt a weakness and lack of confidence concerning my sister,' she said. 'There's something missing.'

So we returned to the school event and tapped for 'It's almost as if some of my strength was taken away from me and given to her.' We added in a choice to 'regain' what she had 'lost' to 'fill the gap' and after a couple of rounds she smiled, almost embarrassed, and said, 'I've got another color.'

And so we moved into the next chakra, the heart chakra, color green, which represents many emotions, feelings, and anything to do with heart energy.

She said she was moving past sister feelings and could forgive everyone concerned - they just weren't aware of what they were doing. 'My shoulders and neck feel as if they are carrying sadness. It's a weight that's always been there,' was her reply.

We tapped for 'this green sadness in my neck' and she felt that weight shift away.

Mobility and ache had gone! But we weren't yet finished. She now came up with blue, the color for chakra 5 round the throat. By this stage I wasn't surprised any more - I just knew what she was going to come up with but I had to wait to let her express the relevant feelings. She spoke with relief now -'It's almost as if I had been choking over my need to express myself over this, but it feels a lot better and I feel I can now talk to everyone in a way I couldn't before.'

She felt some slight constriction however, so we did EFT for 'that blue constricted throat feeling,' one round being sufficient to clear it.

Now she visualized two colors, dark blue moving into purple, combining the 6th and 7th chakras. I intuited that the issue was balanced so I asked her to replay her internal movie of the events we had tapped for as a test. She could now do that easily with no feelings of unease. Her neck and shoulders were fine, no discomfort felt at all and mobility was very good.

It was my honor to have worked with Sheena and I thanked her for being there that day. I then explained more about the chakras and associated colors before she left. The information I gave her what I have listed below and it may be of use to anyone whose client relates to issues through colors instead the 'usual' EFT routes.

Chakra 1 Red, Hip area, groin: self-preservation

Belief patterns connected to family & early environment. Group associations, clubs etc.
How we manage our physical world
Physical family, group safety & security
Ability to provide for life's necessities
Ability to stand up for oneself
Feeling at home, belonging
Being social

Chakra 2 Orange, just below navel: self-gratification

Relationships, ethics and honour, creativity
Blame and guilt
Power and control
Money and sex

Chakra 3 Yellow, solar plexus: self-definition

Trust, personal power, honor of self
Belief patterns about ourselves, self-esteem, ego
Self-esteem, self confidence, self respect
Fear and intimidation
Care of oneself and others
Responsibility for making decisions
Sensitivity to criticism

Chakra 4 Green / pink, heart: self-acceptance

Compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love
Love, hope, trust, commitment
Hatred, resentment, bitterness, sadness
Grief , anger, self centeredness

Chakra 5 Blue, throat and neck: self-expression

Surrender of self to the Greater Will
Choice & strength of personal will, self-control
Personal expression, following one's dream
Using personal power to create
Faith & knowledge
Capacity to make decisions
Addiction, judgement & criticism

Chakra 6 Indigo, centre of forehead 'third eye':self-reflection

Power of the mind. Insight & intuition, seeing beyond the visible
Self-evaluation, truth
Intellectual abilities
Openness to ideas of others
Ability to learn from experience
Emotional intelligence
Feelings of inadequacy

Chakra 7 Violet, crown: self-knowledge

Connection to the divine. questions about life and the hereafter
Ability to trust life
Values, ethics & courage
Ability to see larger pattern
Faith & inspiration
Spirituality & devotion

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