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Read as Dawson Church, PhD digs to specific events to bring relief for the pain in a physician's broken wrist. He uses just the EFT Basic Recipe - no alternate tapping points or bells and whistles.


By Dawson Church, PhD

Though there are many variants of EFT, I usually use just the basic recipe, because it's so phenomenally effective.

I speak at a lot of psychology and medical conferences, and often my audience of nurses, physicians, psychotherapists and the like know nothing about EFT.

I often do a group EFT presentation onstage, after an hour's theoretical presentation based on my book, The Genie in Your Genes, which describes the excellent scientific basis behind EFT, and lets the audience know that EFT has a good base of evidence.

Then I get them all tapping!

At a conference, presenting to about 100 medical professionals at Massey University in New Zealand, I worked with a group of five people with pain.

One of them was a 52-year-old German female physician with a fractured wrist.

The broken wrist had occurred while on a camping trip two weeks prior. I asked her how severe her pain was on the SUD Intensity Scale 0 to 10, and she said 7.

When I asked her to identify an emotionally triggering incident associated with the fracture, she was puzzled, and couldn't find one.

She said she'd slipped while walking across a log that served as a bridge over a brook. She grabbed a branch, but fell anyway, twisted her arm, and broke her wrist.

I asked to mine the circumstances around the fracture for any possible emotional factors. After thinking long and hard, she said, "I was camping with my daughter. I didn't want to go hiking that day, but she made me go with her. I was resentful about that," though on the actual hike she reported that she had been "having a good time."

I asked her to recall her resentment of her daughter, and identify where that feeling was located in her body. She pointed to her solar plexus, and rated it a 7 out of 10 in emotional intensity. I find that people with fractures or pain almost always have a different site in their body where their feelings come to focus, so it's important to get a measure of their level of intensity for both the injury, and a second one for the emotions.

She was then asked to recall the first time she had felt that same feeling in her solar plexus.

She said it was when she thought about her father, and that he had often acted toward her in angry and demeaning ways. I kept on asking her questions, till we uncovered a particular incident. I find that while tapping on generalities sometimes works, it's best to drill down to specific events.

When we're children, we don't generalize, creating a meta-story laced with meaning (eg. "angry and demeaning father"); we simply experience the events that happen to us. Her incident occurred while she was in elementary school. She was so intelligent that she had scored second in her entire class during the initial test. She took her examination results home and proudly presented them to her father.

His comment was, "Why weren't you first?"

The doctor rated this incident as a 10 out of 10 in emotional intensity in her solar plexus. Again, the body is an excellent guide, and when we drop out of our story and into our experience, our bodies will give us accessible feedback if we simply ask.

Since I am usually very short of time during these demonstrations, I use the technique of "stomping all over the problem," having the subject make as many statements as possible that might trigger emotional aspects of the problem. So as well as tapping on the test incident, we tapped on the look on her father's face, his body language, the sound of his voice, all the other times he put her down, and also on some positive reframing statements like, "My father was doing the best he could figure out."

I then asked the doctor to reassess the feeling in her solar plexus. It was 0 intensity.

"And by the way," I inquired, "what's the level of pain in your wrist now?" She moved her wrist back and forth, puzzled, unable to locate the pain! Then she said, "Well maybe it's a 2 now, I don't know, I can hardly feel it."

I've found the same results time and again from just following the basic EFT Recipe.

Allopathic medical doctors are increasingly aware of the power of energy medicine techniques. The days when EFT was regarded as too weird to share with your doctor are disappearing. I am finding nothing but curiosity and warm interest in these methods, and as we continue to build a sound scientific basis for them, I expect to see them become an increasing part of primary care.

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