From 400 lbs to a Size 16 after Tapping on Childhood Events

Dear EFT Community,

Joy Vogel of Mexico relates her remarkable story of weight loss with EFT. When she feels a craving, she traces it to a specific emotional event, and taps on that event. This has led to gradual but very significant weight loss.

-Dawson Church, PhD 

By Joy Vogel

I began a program of weight loss just over 2 years ago.  I was near 400 pounds at that time, and had begun to have serious problems with my feet, legs and back.  

I work nearly 10 hours a day, six days a week, as a teacher and department head, and serve as pastor of our church group as well, so I was getting worn out by my weight problem.

I have always been overweight, even as a tiny child. 

In fact, my dad told me several years ago that when he first saw me in the hospital, he knew I would have weight problems my whole life (kindly meant, but not helpful, Daddy Dear!)

So I grew up believing I had inherited my mom’s weight problems, my thyroid condition; and my eating habits seemed uncontrollable.  

I have never been successful at weight loss, and had tried every diet I heard of for years, and had about given up hope as I gained more every time I stopped one.  

My husband, who, thank goodness, has loved me through it all, even made me promise no more diets.  But I found something that I felt might be different and decided to give it one last try, and he finally, reluctantly agreed.  I was surprisingly successful at first, but then began to fear I would backslide as usual.

About that time, I learned of EFT and decided to combine it with the diet, and have had great success.

As I continued the diet, along with tapping, I finally had to confront a sudden onslaught of seemingly disconnected events in my very early childhood which I had not been consciously aware of.

Putting them together, I was able to understand there has been a hideous event in my life that I must have been unwittingly protecting myself from ever since.  Through EFT, I have been able to tap it into a far-off corner of my mind, where it seems now to have happened, but is no longer important. 

I still tap on it once in a while, not to forget, but to make sure it is no longer a reason to hide behind my weight and try to be unattractive to men.

Now I understand myself in new ways, and feel free to be a new person. 

If I am ever tempted to eat something that is not on my diet, I can now trace it to some part of my past or to a present feeling of fear or frustration, etc. and I just tap a round or two, and my craving disappears and I can go do other things and not obsess on food as I used to do.

I am not weighing any more, as I found it depressing.  Even though it usually showed a loss, it just seemed I had so dauntingly far to go always.  So now I just tap and diet, and sew or buy clothes. :=)

At this point, I wear a size 38 bra and 16 in dresses with a full skirt.  

The goal is finally in sight, thanks to EFT!  I feel I am living a miracle!

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