Case History "I Have a Block to Making More Money Than Required to 'Just Get By'"

Dear Readers,

Dawson Church demonstrates how an apparently unrelated childhood belief that came up while tapping was blocking his client's capacity to earn more, and could be dissolved by reframing a specific event.

-David MacKay

by Dawson Church

A client at an EFT workshop said she had a block to making more money than was required in order for her to "just get by."

I asked where she felt a sensation in her body when she said that, and she said that it was in the heart area. I asked how strong the sensation was on a 0 to 10 scale, with 10 being the maximum, and she said it was a 7-8.

I then asked her to travel back in time, using the feeling in her chest as a pathway, to the first time in her life she could remember feeling a similar sensation. After a few moments, an expression registered on her face that led me to ask, "What are you thinking about now?"

"This doesn't make sense," she said, "but I'm thinking about how my mom didn't care about my feelings." That, of course, is a generality, or Table Top, and so I became curious about which table legs had given rise to that belief.

I asked, "Which specific events do you remember that gave you the belief that your mom didn't care about your feelings?"

She replied, "I remember a time when she made me wear slacks under my clothes (Table Leg #1). Mom didn't care that I didn't want to wear un-cool clothes.

"In winter, Mom made me wear boots when it was raining (Table Leg #2). I was in the sixth grade. None of the other kids had to wear boots, but my mom made me wear them. She didn't care how I felt."

I suggested that we tap on that feeling (we'd been tapping since she sat in the chair). I asked her to think about the boots, and say, "Even though my mom made me wear boots when it was raining, I deeply and completely accept myself."

We repeated this a number of times till she sighed deeply, which usually indicates some kind of physiological or psychological shift. I asked how strong the feeling in her chest was, and she said it was a five.

We worked for a while on that and other specific events, including some events that encouraged the belief that she "wasn't smart enough" (other table legs). Her number came down further. She began laughing, and I asked why. "I left the boots at a friend's house," she said. "Did you want to lose them?" I asked.

"Yes, I told her I'd left them at school. So we drove back to school to find them. And of course they weren't there, and Mom thought they'd been lost."

"So you found a way to escape from the boots," I said. Let's tap on, "I found a way to escape from the boots and Mom never knew."

We also tapped on, "I was smart enough to leave the boots at a friend's house!" This was an important cognition, because it tied "boots" to "smart enough" which was a core belief that gave rise to the conviction that she was incapable of making more money than required to "just get by." The connection between a childhood event and the adult belief that had seemed so puzzling at the start of the session at last became clear.

The feeling in her chest went down to a 1. I asked how strong her belief was in the idea that she has a block to making more money than 'just getting by.' It was a zero. It was also an important demonstration of the reality that sometimes trivial-seeming childhood events can combine to create core beliefs that affect our adult self-concept, and that EFT, by collapsing the emotional intensity of those early memories, can help us shift long-held perceptions.

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