Candace's presentation will give insights to working with not only the Veteran who is suffering with PTSD issues, but insights into the 'virus' of PTSD that flows through family systems. Call in to listen!
Candace Green will be our guest speaker for the Vets Teleconference call Monday, Aug. 8th.  She has over 25 years of experience and proven results. Candace is an expert in the field of personal growth and group transformation using EFT. Since 2010, Candace has been working exclusively with Veterans suffering from PTSD, helping them to release their negative experiences of war, re-establish healthy relationships with loved ones and reintegrate fully into family and community living.
Join us as Candace discusses her latest project in Angel Fire, NM, where she has been leading 7-day residential retreats for Veteran couples over a 6-month period. Once completed, a total of 150 couples (300 people affected by PTSD) will have been served.
When you attend this call, you will:
·         Gain important insights into working not only with the Veteran suffering from PTSD but also with the ‘virus’ of PTSD that flows through the family system
·         Understand the delicate web of addressing both the Veteran and the spouse
·         Discover the procedures that Candace uses to bring about stunning results in 7 days or less
·         And much more... The number to call is:  (218) 548-1128  Passcode:  40531#
The time is:  6PM (Pacific), 8PM (Central), 9PM (Eastern). Monday, Aug. 8th, 2011

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