EFT Global: The Humanitarian Project

Thank you for visiting the information center for EFT Global. I am so delighted to see this project taking shape. For many years I had hoped to see EFT develop a strong humanitarian presence, and I talked about this vision at many conferences. After one EFT workshop, executive coach Carrie McCabe approached me and volunteered to cheer a humanitarian committee. She teamed up with David MacKay, to whom we owe a debt of gratitude for making the EFT Universe site international and multilingual, and with Diane von der Weid, a former UN employee. They spent the best part of a year laying a solid foundation under the program, then launched the first project in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. I expect EFT to become a primary tool for relief work in natural and human-caused disasters, and with disadvantaged populations, in the coming years. Please also visit our page on EFT Global's online portal here. Dawson Church.

EFT Global’s Vision, Mission, and Values

Requirements for Volunteering
Not-for-profit Status


What is/are EFT Global’s Vision / Mission / and/or Values?


Tapping the world for personal peace


  • EFT Global responds to global invitations to assist and empower local populations affected by disaster by providing state of the art EFT training, education and holistic assistance.
  • EFT Global engenders a greater sense of personal peace, one person at a time, by rapidly resolving emotional suffering from trauma related to natural and human-caused disasters.
  • EFT Global proactively looks for opportunities to co-create community-based training and provide on the ground services needed in disaster situations as well as averting human-caused disasters.
  • EFT Global volunteers are rigorously screened and trained in all areas associated with working in a disaster to insure they are “on the ground ready” and can withstand the stress of difficult field conditions while adhering to the highest ethical standards and elite standard of care practices.
  • EFT Global volunteers offer their expertise and work in collaboration with other trauma experts, humanitarian organizations and local people/groups for the ultimate benefit of those we serve.


  • EFT Global recognizes and honors the ability of all cultures and traditions to manage and recover from disasters, and respectfully offers neutral, apolitical, non-religious EFT services to individuals and populations.
  • EFT Global volunteers are inspired to give back as a result of the profound impact EFT has on their own personal and professional lives.
  • EFT Global volunteers demonstrate a deep understanding and sensitivity to the cultures, beliefs and traditions of the people they are serving and offer service to individuals and populations regardless of their religion, race, and political or social ideology.
  • EFT Global volunteers embrace the concept that their role is to inspire and empower people and that all human beings can learn and use EFT to rapidly heal themselves from emotional trauma resulting from disasters.

Are there criteria required of EFT Global Volunteers?

Yes.  The initial criteria established include the following:

  1. Minimum EFT Intermediate Practitioner Level certified by EFT Universe, certified Level 2 Practitioner by AAMET, certified Practitioner by AHEFT, or equivalent by EFT Master
  2. Minimum 3 years experience providing direct psychological, counseling, personal development and/or coaching services (minimum 1 year experience providing EFT services preferred)*
  3. Minimum 3 years experience teaching/training adults (minimum 1 year training in EFT preferred*)
  4. Minimum 2 years experience living in or minimum 4 years experience working across one or more countries outside of your country of birth (or equivalent combination)
  5. Adaptability—demonstrated flexibility, ability to compromise, diplomatically adapt to challenging situations, work effectively within a variety of changing situations and with various individuals and groups
  6. Demonstrated ability to function effectively in fast paced, ambiguous and high-stress environments
  7. Well developed judgment and decision making skills
  8. Committed to act in accordance with EFT Global’s Code of Ethics and EFT Global’s Vision, Mission and Values
  9. Willing to provide 10 days of service on behalf of EFT Global over an 18 month period in exchange for participation in the EFT Global’s “Trainer Program” and any addition training/development offered periodically
  10. History of and ongoing commitment to work on own issues
  11. Well developed emotional awareness, emotional self-control, and maturity
  12. Demonstrated appreciation and respect for and natural curiosity about other peoples and cultures
  13. Bi-lingual strongly preferred
  14. Previous experience providing services in disaster areas (natural or human-caused) preferred

As we gain more experience across a variety of projects, these criteria may be updated as necessary.

*Where preferred or strongly preferred is indicated, it’s assumed these would be a great asset but not a “knock out factor”

Why are EFT Global Volunteers required to meet certain criteria before they can help?

Requiring EFT Global Volunteers to meet certain criteria before they can volunteer helps to ensure EFT will be applied effectively and efficiently in disaster field settings which are often extremely stressful, chaotic and ambiguous.

Qualified volunteers are more able to properly calibrate the application of EFT to the unique cultures, needs and constraints of the individuals being treated as well as appropriately time treatment to provide maximum assistance across various time frames after a disaster, i.e., immediately after a disaster, one to four weeks after a disaster, one month after a disaster or longer-term issues resulting from a disaster. A greater level of training and experience also avoids retraumatizing disaster survivors and ensures Practitioners are prepared to effectively manage abreactions.

Lastly, humanitarian workers are often attracted to this type of work due to their own personal histories. While this may result in greater empathy, some people’s old, unresolved trauma or trauma believed to be resolved can resurface in highly stressful field conditions. Obviously, this is an undesirable consequence of working in disaster situations. By requiring volunteers to meet certain criteria, our objective is to select EFT Practitioners who are most able to work safely and effectively under a wide range of conditions and situations.

Is EFT Global a non-profit organization?

Yes. EFT Global is a 501(c)(3) registered foundation under the Soul Medicine Institute (SMI) as approved by the SMI Board of Directors in July, 2011. Because we received 501(c)(3) status under the umbrella of the Soul Medicine Institute, it significantly reduces our costs and administrative burden.  As such, we are extremely grateful for the support of SMI’s Board of Directors.  Due to our all volunteer staff and lack of funding at the moment, this support has made it possible for EFT Global to officially launch much more quickly than we could have without the support of the Soul Medicine Institute.

Why am I making a donation to the Soul Medicine Institute instead of EFT Global?

Because EFT Global is a 501(c)(3) registered foundation under the Soul Medicine Institute, all donations on behalf of EFT Global should be made payable to the Soul Medicine Institute. To ensure your donation is directed to EFT Global, please be sure to add “EFT Global” to the memo portion of your check or on your PayPal donation. Any donations for EFT Global will be used to help fund infrastructure and new projects. To donate, either click the PayPal button below or mail a check to: EFT Global - P.O. Box 442, Fulton, CA 95439.

Is EFT Global planning to have its own web presence?

Absolutely! Right now we have a “hub page” on the EFT Universe website. Similar to the support we received from the Soul Medicine Institute’s Board of Directors, we gratefully acknowledge the ongoing support we have received from Dawson Church and his team. Having a hub page on the EFT Universe website allows us the ability to officially launch much more quickly than delaying our launch until we had the funds and expertise to do so. Having our own web presence is one of our top priorities and we are actively seeking donations and/or expertise to allow us to do so. If you are interested in helping with the above or to find out how you can volunteer for a future project, please contact EFT Global Chairperson, Carrie McCabe, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

How will EFT Global select its projects going forward?

Ideally, EFT Global will respond to global invitations for assistance. Decisions on which projects to support will be driven by needs and availability of resources (qualified and trained volunteers, funding, etc.)  Over time, our desire is to have more resources and infrastructure to support multiple projects concurrently. 

About the EFT Global Team

EFT Global is being launched by Carrie McCabe, EFT Global Chairperson (USA) and core team members Diane von der Weid (Switzerland) and David MacKay (Mexico) in addition to Helena Jevons (England) under the auspices of leading clinical researcher, author and EFT expert Dawson Church, Ph.D.

Nuevo Laredo, Mexico Project—EFT’s Inaugural Project: Information and Photos

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Nuevo Laredo Project Press Release

Published Research Studies of EFT with Disaster Victims

Published Research Studies of EFT and PTSD

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