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  8. The Constricted Breathing Technique
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  13. Building Bridges from Existing Beliefs to EFT
  14. The Daisy Chain Opportunity
  15. The Daily Peace Procedure for Children
  16. When Your Client Feels Worse
  17. Finding Core Issues
  18. When Physical Symptoms Resist Healing
  19. EFT Guidelines for Serious Disease
  20. Dissociation

EFT basic recipeThere are a lucky few people who get to make history. You're about to join their number. EFT has the potential to do just that: change the entire trajectory of human experience.

While that's a very bold claim, you'll find the scientific evidence on this site to back it up. For as long as human beings have existed on this planet, people have suffered.

They've suffered from physical problems like pain and disease. They've suffered from psychological problems like anxiety and misunderstanding, social strife, and dysfunctional belief systems.

This suffering is not inevitable. It can be lessened, and even a 1% reduction in human pain would make a difference. EFT research shows that, in just a few hours, much greater reductions are possible.

In a study of 216 healthcare workers, anxiety and depression dropped by 45%. Pain dropped by 68%. Imagine those improvements spreading over the globe.

That's what's possible with EFT.


EFT Tapping Sequence


Please join the happy army of people who use EFT to release their own pain and suffering, and the suffering of those around them. This tutorial series, plus The EFT Manual, the EFT workshops, and the resources on this web site, will show you how.

The video below will have you tapping effectively within a couple of minutes; you can find written instructions in the free EFT Mini-Manual.

Drop your limitations, embrace the possible, and join us in touching the world!



Free EFT Mini-Manual

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EFT For Weightloss

EFT For RelationshipsA small percentage of dieters succeed in keeping weight off permanently.
Learned simple yet specific behaviors that keep you healthy!

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