Professional EFT? or Easy EFT!

Make EFT work for your life style, your time frame, and your professional goals. That might mean seeking certification in EFT, or it might mean simply using EFT for your own personal benefit from time to time. Either way, EFT has a great deal to offer you. If you're just interested in quick personal results with Easy EFT, click here.

EFT can also greatly enhance your professional practice, so if you're a professional, consider taking EFT to the next level. Professionals who use EFT include:

Medical Doctors
Social Workers
Business Coaches
Massage Therapists
Alternative Medicine Practitioners

If you're a professional interested in EFT, here are some of the steps to consider:

1. Read The EFT Manual and some of the specialized books, such as EFT for PTSD and EFT for Weight Loss.
2. Take workshops in the expert use of EFT.
3. Read books that describe EFTs solid scientific foundation, like The Genie in Your Genes, and The Promise of Energy Psychology.
4. Get certified in EFT.
5. List your practice on the EFT web site.
6. Write case histories of your experiences with EFT, and share your expertise with others.
7. Refine your EFT skills, especially by tackling difficult cases.
8. Take advanced EFT trainings in specialized topics such as PTSD, relationship skills, and sports performance.


0 #2 Marco Oropeza 2014-03-30 15:11
I have downloaded and read the Mini-EFT Manual, and ordered and received The EFT Manual which I am reading. I do tapping on myself and practice with some of my patients. I have a question, do I have to perform the Psychological Reversal with every round or sequence for a different aspect?
Thanks for your attention
0 #1 Anna Kempf 2013-07-09 17:09
I have requested the free introduction to EFT several times. It has never been emailed to me.

Would you please send me the free introductory copy to my email address?

Thank you

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