Try It (EFT) On Everything


One of the maxims of EFT is "Try It On Everything."

Why is it suggested that you try this? How can EFT possibly be successful with problems as different as your gout or golf swing, your test anxiety or tennis elbow, your procrastination or psoriasis?

The answer is quite simple: EFT reduces stress.

There's an element of stress to most physical disease, as well as most psychological problems. Research shows that the test scores of students with high anxiety are reduced by their fear, just as the agony of those in pain is increased by negative emotions.

Consider, for instance, a pain patient with a broken bone. They have to deal with the fracture pain. Yet they might also have negative emotional self-talk like "How could I have done this to myself? I'm so clumsy" or "After all the problems i caused, I deserved this injury," or one of a thousand other negative statements.

Research has shown that up to two-thirds of pain is emotional, and only one-third is physical. EFT can help reduce that two-thirds, resulting in a big drop in symptoms.

Wouldn't you enjoy seeing the subjective two-thirds of each of your problems disappear, so you could deal with the one-third residue that is the real objective problem?

The same applies to performance issues as diverse as test performance, business performance, and sports performance. Anxiety reduces our available mental capacity, resulting in reduced ability.

Research shows that when you're stressed, up to 70% of the blood drains from the frontal lobes of your brain, dramatically reducing your ability to reason and think clearly. When we tap that anxiety and stress away with EFT, our natural talents shine. If you take a look at the scientific studies of EFT for sports performance or test anxiety, you'll find that once we remove the emotional overlay clouding our minds and compromising our brain function, our ability increases.

So while there are no guarantees, it's worth tapping your anxiety away, whatever the issue. Once you do, you'll find out what's really underneath. And the problem may be much smaller than you suspect.

So try it on everything, and email your results in to our newsletter to share with others!









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