Finding Core Issues

While EFT can be useful for minor or peripheral problems, much deeper healing is possible if you assist your client or yourself in finding core issues. The events that bother us are only a problem if they resemble deeper emotional wounds. Rather than being content with using EFT on surface problems, it's worth developing the skills to find and resolve the core issues that are at the root of the problem.

Here are some questions you might ask in order to identify core issues:

Does the problem that's bothering you remind you of any events in your childhood?
Tune into your body and feel your feelings. Then travel back in time to the first time in your life you ever felt that same sensation.
What's the worst similar experience you ever had?
If you were writing your autobiography, what chapter would you prefer to delete, as though it had never happened to you?

If the client tells you they can't remember, you can ask them to simply make up a fictional event in their minds. This kind of guessing usually turns out to be right on target. They're assembling the imagined event out of components of real events, and the imaginary event usually leads them back to actual events you can tap on.

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