EFT Tapping Therapy and Free Emotional Freedom Techniques

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Wayne Dyer
"This really works... I've had great results with tapping in my own life."
Wayne Dyer
Bruce Lipton, PhD
Author of The Biology of Belief.
"EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health and behavior."
Bruce Lipton, PhD endorses EFT
Donna Eden
Co-Author of The Promise of Energy Psychology.
"EFT is easy, effective, and produces amazing results. I think it should be taught in elementary school."
Norm Shealy, MD
Author of Soul Medicine.
"By removing emotional trauma, EFT helps heal physical symptoms too."
Candace Pert,PhD endorses EFT
Candace Pert, PhD
Author of Molecules of Emotion.
"EFT is at the forefront of the new healing movement."
Candace Pert,PhD endorses EFT
Bessel Van der Kolk
Professor of Psychiatry, Boston University School of Medicine
"EP techniques and procedures can bring about remarkably rapid changes in the way people feel."
Professor Bessel Van der Kolk
Anthony Robbins
"If you're looking for ways to change your life, check out Energy Psychology, it's pretty extraordinary."
60 Tony-Robbins
Nathaniel Brandon, PhD
author of The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem
"The techniques of EP have provided me with invaluable tools for working with trauma. No therapist can afford to remain ignorant of this new and exciting field."

Nathaniel Brandon

Cheryl Richardson
Author of The Unmistakable Touch of Grace.
"EFT is destined to be a top healing tool for the 21st Century."
Candace Pert,PhD endorses EFT
Eric Robins, MD
Co-author of Your Hands Can Heal you.
"I frequently use EFT for my patients with great results."
Candace Pert,PhD endorses EFT
Jack Canfield
"The most powerful new transformational technology to come along in years."
60 Jack Canfield
Deepak Chopra, MD
"EFT offers great healing benefits."
Deepak Chopra, MD endorses EFT

Judith H. Frost, LiCSW - EFTU Training CE Information

General Information and Requirements

Each workshop program has been approved for 12 CEs by the NASW Washington State Chapter.  Licensed Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Mental Health Counselors are eligible. Provider number is #1975-299. CEs are only available for Licensed Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Mental Health Counselors, not  for psychologists, MDs or RNs.

Cancellations 30 days or more prior to the workshop date will receive a full refund less a 10% administrative fee. Professionals who want the CEs for a workshop should email Judith at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
that they plan to receive CEs by sending an email with the subject line EFT workshop with dates and CEs. Please include your name and license number in the email.

Please bring your professional license number to the workshop for check in. You will receive a CE certificate for 12 CEs at the end of the workshop.

The workshop schedules are 9 – 5 each day. There will be a 15 minute break mid-morning, an hour for lunch starting at approximately 12:30pm and a 15 minute break in the mid-afternoon.

Course Content and Learning Objectives

Full course content is described on the EFTU website webpage at: Topics Covered in the Three Levels of Clinical EFT Training

The learning objectives for the Level I class include that participants will be able to:

1. Explain and administer the basic EFT treatment protocol.

2. Demonstrate how to use EFT to decrease emotional disturbance from fears,

stress, anxiety, anger, sadness and disturbing memories.

3. Explain multiple theories for the effectiveness of EFT.

4. Articulate and utilize the importance of being specific in successful EFT.

5. Articulate alternatives to utilize when EFT doesn't seem to work.

The learning objectives for the Level II class include that participants will be able to:

1. Explain gentle techniques for dealing with issues with emotional intensity.

2. Demonstrate how to use EFT to address limiting beliefs.

3. Articulate questions to use to uncover core issues.

4. Explain how to use EFT in groups.