How to Use EFT for Coping With Anxiety, Stress and Panic Attacks

By Dawson Church, PhD

If you believe that you're doomed to feel anxiety or panic attacks forever, you might be pleasantly surprised after applying EFT.

There are numerous EFT success stories from by people just like you who've used EFT for anxiety, chronic stress and unexpected panic attacks.

The EFTUniverse research pages also contain many studies showing the calming effects of EFT tapping.

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To go further on your EFT journey, take an Clinical EFT workshop, book a session with one of the certified Clinical EFT Practitioners listed on EFTUniverse, and read one of the books available at the EFTUniverse Library.

Below, we've assembled of the EFTUniverse Case history articles describing how EFT successfully worked on anxiety, chronic stress and panic attacks.


12 Anxiety and Stress EFT Tapping Case Histories:


1. 10 Lessons Learned From Using EFT Working on a Work Anxiety

2. A Powerful EFT Way to Learn How to Stand up for Yourself

3. Behavior Patterns of Hoarders and How to Apply EFT to Each

4. How EFT Intervenes in Chronic Stress

5. How EFT Stopped Anxiety Attack During a Presentation

6. How EFT Tapping Clears Middle-of-the-Night Panic Attack

7. How to Use EFT to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

8. It's Easy to Uncover EFT Daisy Chains with Ranting and Tapping

9. Moving Mindfully Through Stress Response By Tapping

10. See How EFT is a Natural Remedy for Anxiety

11. Stress is a Scarcity Belief And How EFT Can Change That

12. When Using Mental EFT Tapping for a Huge Panic Attack


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