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How EFT Works on The Underpinnings of Depression

EFT for PTSD book by Dawson church

By Dawson Church, PhD

Several studies have demonstrated EFTs efficacy for depression. I performed one study with healthcare workers, and measured their depression levels before and after a brief EFT workshop. Not only did their depressive symptoms improve significantly; they were still better when followed up 3 months later.

Yet, it's important to focus on the emotional experiences that underlie depression, rather than tapping generally on the feeling of depression itself.

You can see how to find those specific events in some of the free EFT Tapping tutorials. The EFT Mini-Manual is also free, and can get you started tapping. To go further on your EFT journey, take an Clinical EFT Workshop, book a session with one of the EFTUniverse Certified EFT Practitioners, and read one of the EFT books available at the EFTUniverse Library.



12 Depression EFT Tapping Case Histories


1. A 4-Word Phrase that Often Clears Depression

2. Clear Limiting Beliefs with EFT

3. EFT for Depression: Core Issue Was Birth Trauma

4. EFT for Emotional Memories of a Controlling Mother

5. EFT Tapping for Depression is the Stupidest Thing You’ll Do

6. EFT Tapping Helps Resist the Urge to Stay in Bed all Day

7. EFT's Personal Peace Procedure Gets Rid of Excess Baggage

8. How EFT Relieves Depression

9. How Lifelong Fear and Depression was Helped with EFT

10. How to Rebuild a Happy Childhood with Matrix Reimprinting and EFT

11. How to Use EFT to Overcome Anger and Irritable Depression

12. When Regular EFT Tapping Can Help Ease Depression


"Using EFT, I have successfully treated fears, phobias, depression, trauma, and addictions. It's effects are rapid, dramatic, and deep." Fred P. Gallo, Ph.D. - Editor, Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy"


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