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Dawson Church, PhD, EFT TRN 3
Northern California
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Dawson Church, PhD, is an award-winning author whose best-selling book The Genie in Your Genes has been hailed by reviewers as a breakthrough in our understanding of the link between emotions and genetics.

He did undergraduate and graduate work at Baylor University, and obtained his doctorate at Holos University under the supervision of Harvard-trained neurosurgeon Norm Shealey, MD, PhD, founder of the American Holistic Medical Association. 

Dawson founded the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare to study and implement promising evidence-based psychological and medical techniques.

His groundbreaking research has been published in many prestigious scientific journals.

Dawson is the editor of Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, & Treatment, a peer-reviewed professional journal.

He shares how to apply these breakthroughs to health and athletic performance through this site EFT Universe, one of the most-visited alternative medicine sites on the web. 

For a full Curriculum Vitae and list of scientific papers, click here.

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To view some of Dawson's Mentoring Reports, click here for Sample 1 and here for Sample 2.

 The Genie in Your Genes Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention book     EFT Manual by Dawson Church     eft for love relationships by Dawson Church     EFT for weight loss book by Dawson Church


What people are saying about Dawson Church and his workshops: 

Dawson’s compassion was inspirational. Besides the scientific explanations, I was touched by his loving style of relating to people. It felt safe and tender but as effective as any other teacher I have worked with. I look forward to expanding my knowledge and experience with these tools!
— David A.
Dawson is very adept at conveying the key concepts of EFT. He was impressive with his knowledge, ease of delivery, kindness and love. He lead the workshop in a well-paced manner we felt valued at all times.
— Feb Smith
I was very pleased with the workshop, the presenter, and the material. It far surpassed my expectations. Modeling the techniques was very helpful. I look forward to introducing EFT to my clients!
— Casey Courie, MFT
I really enjoyed the workshop. The techniques are incredibly useful and very applicable o my practice. A perfect balance of lectures, demonstrations, and practice sessions. I liked the way the material was broken down into bite-sized pieces and taught systematically, it gave me a better grasp of the techniques. Overall, a very satisfying experience.
— Lawrence Paternich, RN
The instructors made the concepts interesting and understandable. Their depth of knowledge was superb, and their instructions were clear and concise. I was guided when needed. I am more than pleased with this class and would highly recommend it to others.
— Cheryl Shepherd
I appreciate the safe, kind environment. the openness, and the gentle, caring energy throughout the workshop. I thank you deeply!
— Maria Puerta
This is a very powerful tool for me to use with my clients.
— Morris Cohen, LPC
Education of the highest quality. This will change my life and my practice. Great class and I will recommend it to my friends and colleagues.
— Renny Rogers, LCSW
Seeing the power of EFT has made me excited and motivated to use this technique with individuals with the ultimate goal of promoting complete healing.
 — Omar Zurita 
I loved the way Dawson and Jondi walked around and offered suggestions about our practice sessions. And watching them work was an education in and of itself. I have learned many new skills, especially listening to clients closely. Though condensed, this was an amazingly beneficial workshop.
— Nancy Lundy
There’s nothing else quite like experiencing this system live and sharing the experience with others. You improve so much more through the interactions with the instructors, and listening closely to other participants.
 — Pilar Castro

The demonstrations were very helpful and the presentations were amazing, especially useful in constructing the dialog necessary to be effective with EFT. These instructors know their EFT backwards and forwards, as well as how to work effectively with an audience. EFT Universe has talented, great teachers, who are also very caring.

— Donna Bilt

I could not have had better instructors! Dawson is so knowledgeable and brought the techniques to life with real examples. So awesome to work with him. Jondi was great as she responded to my specific questions and she gave me great practical ideas. The workshop was even better than expected.
— Tess Trevor
Dawson and Jondi are so engaging and approachable! They are both great inspirations for how to conduct an effective and loving connection with a client. 
— Ellen Broccolo
I had already been certified in EFT by another organization, but the scientific support, systematic structure, and deep expertise I found in the EFT Universe training took my skills to a whole new level. What I did not expect was the gentility and compassionate energy of Dawson and his team. Thank you so much! 
— Kass Toole

Dawson’s ‘Body Trigger’ cards and techniques for relieving tension continue to be helpful and the info about neurology added a dimension lacking in workshops with other daily facilitators. I would recommend without reservation, any workshop led by Dawson.

--Sylvia Mackay

"Dawson's Level 1 and 2 was a fantastic and fun course that will benefit me and my patients greatly."

--David Leavitt, MD

"A great deal of material was presented very clearly and paced well in Dawson's workshops. I appreciated the chance to practice. I felt people's emotional issues were held safely and appropriately handled."

--Harvey Benniston, LCSW

 "Thanks for integrating current research findings into the instruction. I felt confident that I had been taught all the basic material very thoroughly and given the information I needed and also how to access future research. I was grateful to be able to practice in a safe and nurturing environment."

--Melinda Carter-Zale, MD, PhD

"I was awed by the way Dawson handled the raw anger of one course member. He gave her the attention she needed while also managing to attend to other participants' reactions and needs. It was a great learning experience for me, even though I have been a psychologist my whole career."

--Penelope McBean, PhD

"I am so grateful to you, Dawson! You are a gifted and incredibly knowledgeable presenter and coach, but more than that, you are a magnificent human being. Thank you! "

--Gerald Closterman, RN

"By the time tapping day came round, after a great workshop, I saw other students consistently, competently, and successfully use EFT in practice. Thank you, Dawson, for excellent instruction."

--Jeremy Benveniste, MD

"Dawson is an amazing facilitator. He's caring, kind, and totally walks his talk. I'm thrilled and grateful to have had this opportunity to learn and grow with him. My understanding of EFT increased immensely after this masterful workshop presentation. "

--Ruth Lanham-Taylor, PhD

"I was most surprised at how much give and take was involved in the EFT workshop. This easy exchange of energy allowed us to process and heal on a deep level. Dawson honored everyone's process, and the idea of loving myself, whether as client or coach, become beautifully real to me."

--Zelda Joyce Davison, LCSW

"Dawson was a wonderful presenter who made the material exciting, understandable, and applicable to clinical practice. I am excited to take further training, and deepen my skills."

--Prasad Gupta, MPH

"I now realize that EFT represents an amazing way to deal with trauma. Dawson was way knowledgeable and gifted in this area."

--Ralph Norbertson, LCSW

"The EFT introductory workshop flew by in what seemed like the quickest six hours of my life. I want to know so much more. The material was so interesting and he was such a great speaker. I loved all the experiential demonstrations."

--Katherine Summers, RN

"An engrossing presentation. Dawson strikes a nice balance between research, experiential, and scientific background."

--Tom Steffans, LPC

"A first class presentation. "

--Sylvia MacKay

"Million bazillion quadrillion thanks! The sessions were wonderful, it was great to feel the healing flow happening in its own perfect timing."

--Louise Massey

"Dawson Church did an absolutely superb job of teaching EFT, guiding us through important growth experiences, and putting it all in the context of the most recent research in genetics and biology. A truly outstanding training I would recommend to anyone who wants to live a healthier, happier, and more productive life! "

--Fred Sauer, Engineer, former Ford Motor Company executive

"This is the best-run seminar I've ever attended, and I've done lots of them! "

--Deb Elkington, RN, San Diego Veterans Hospital

"My life has steadily improved since discovering EFT and EFT Universe. The trainings have been invaluable. Dawson church is a truly human (and humane) teacher, and he is surrounded by staff who enhance the positive impact of EFT. I continue on my road to healing, confident that I have all the tools and knowledge base at my disposal to complete the journey." 

--Mindy Richards

"It was good do discover that revisiting past hurts can be be safe, and that I could finally let go of the negative charge around old problems." 

--Deborah Pence

"The basic concepts of EFT suddenly all fell into place for me during the workshop, and my level of confidence shot up. Dawson's acceptance of everyone was phenomenal. I learned a lot by watching him handle difficult topics in the demos, with finesse, kindness, love, and skill."

--Dennis Crick, MD

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