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Getting Beyond a 30 Year Fear of Needles in 15 Minutes

Dear Readers,

This is an article about my recent case with a phobia of needles - I thought it was a good example, especially for beginners, as it shows a few distinct aspects, has a specific memory involved, has a slightly unusual twist of an image from "past life", includes feedback from the client testing the results in real life and demonstrates how even a long-term (30 years) problem can be cleared within a brief 15 minute session.

-Masha Bennett

By Masha Bennett

Denise, a highly experienced and well-respected spiritual healer, volunteered for a demonstration of EFT for a phobia during one of my presentations. She was due to have a tetanus jab in a few days and was terrified at the thought of it. She said she had the fear of needles for about 30 years or more, with the specific memory coming to mind about a trainee nurse who did a bad job of inserting an IV needle whilst preparing for an emergency Caesarean section and hurt her quite badly. When thinking of that incident or imagining the possibility of having an injection, Denise became pale and very tense and said she could physically feel the pain in her left arm.

As the fear was intense, with her level of intensity rising to 9 on a scale of 0 to 10 when we first started talking about needles and injections, I invited Denise to use a rather general set-up statement Even though I'm terrified of needles..., without going into detail, in order to take the edge of the emotion .

As the intensity began to subside a little, I felt it was safe to get more specific, and asked Denise what the worst thing was about needles - at which point, as expected, the emotional intensity again rose significantly and she told me that it was the piercing of the skin which was the worst - in fact, Denise found it difficult to even say the word "piercing" out loud, so in our next set-up statement we went on:

Even though I can't even say this p-word.." and for the Reminder Phrase we continued using "p-word".

As we tapped on this aspect, Denise suddenly saw an image of a Roman Centurion standing to the right side of her, holding a spear. She connected this image to a possible past life trauma. Now, as a practitioner, whether you believe in the concept of past lives or not, I feel it is really important to work with whatever is going on for the client, without making a judgement or offering interpretations of their experience. So, we continued tapping on

Even though I see this man with a spear, and it is somehow connected to my fear of needles...

After a couple of rounds the image of the man dissolved and Denise appeared much more relaxed and peaceful.

As at the beginning of our session Denise mentioned a specific experience with a trainee nurse, who caused her much pain when inserting a needle 30 years previously, I invited her to think of that incident. Whilst the emotional charge connected with this event had reduced, Denise still felt some pain in her arm and was angry with the blundering student.

We continued tapping on her anger, the trainee's incompetence, the likelihood that such a thing could happen again, until Denise felt completely calm and was able to contemplate the possibility of having her tetanus jab without any signs of distress, with her level of intensity at 0 - which was a sharp contrast to the high level of anxiety she had experienced when we first started. The whole demonstration took approximately 15 minutes.

A few days later I have received a text message from Denise: "I have just had my jab at the doc's and it went like a dream! I am so grateful for your help and EFT".

After some years of using EFT with many hundreds, possibly thousands - I've lost count! - of clients, colleagues, friends, and seeing small (and big!) miracles on a regular basis, it still doesn't cease to amaze me how we are able to achieve swift, gentle, and profound changes with the help of this incredible tool.

Masha Bennett

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