Use EFT to Stop Chocolate Cravings Now

Use EFT to Stop Chocolate Cravings Now (video)EFT for chocolate cravings video image

By Dawson Church, PhD

Imagine gathering up a big bowl of your favorite chocolate. Piece by piece, you add it to the bowl. Then imagine yourself walking over to the trash can and throwing the whole bowl away.

Do you have an emotional reaction in your body to that scene? That's not unusual, because most of us have a hard time throwing food away, but imagine throwing away a food you crave can elicit the strongest possible reactions.

Picture the scene again. Imagine selecting those pieces of chocolate, then throwing the whole bowl away. Assess your level of emotional triggering, with 10 being the maximum number and 0 being the minimum.

Now, start the video and tap along with best-selling author and EFT lecturer, Dawson Church, PhD and a group of EFT workshop participants as they tap through chocolate cravings together. Be sure to picture your chocolate going into the trash can.

They begin with the tapping statement:

"Even though I have this 10 out of 10 craving, I totally and completely accept myself."

Dawson demonstrates how you can use EFT to release your food cravings and show compassion to yourself for having those cravings. Using EFT to reduce cravings, like chocolate, gives you great leverage during any weight loss program you might be trying at this time. You can tap directly on your cravings, and also tap on specific emotional events associated with the item you crave.

Try tapping with this video and test it:


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EFT Borrowing Benefits

One of the most profound discoveries in EFT in the early part of the twenty-first century was the phenomenon called "Borrowing Benefits." It's the discovery that simply watching someone else do EFT tapping on their issues, while tapping along with them, can help you reduce the emotional intensity of your own issues.

Borrowing Benefits was first noted by EFT practitioners. They reported that, rather than feeling exhausted after a day working with clients, they were energized. Their own emotional problems seemed to have melted away, even though they weren't working on the same issues as their clients.

You can receive the emotional advantages of Borrowing Benefits by watching this video an tapping along.

Here are the instructions for Borrowing Benefits:

1. Pick an issue you'd like to work on. Write down a brief name for the issue in 1 to 3 words.

2. Rate your degree of emotional distress on a scale from 0 to 10, with 0 being no intensity and 10 being the maximum intensity. Write down your number.

3. Identify a part of your body in which you feel the sensation associated with that number, and write down the name of that particular body location.

4. Recall an event in your life when you felt that feeling in your body. Pick the event that occurred the earliest in your life, if possible.

5. Start tapping through the EFT points, as soon as the video session starts, and keep tapping till the end. When the person onscreen states their issue, state your issue instead.

6. When the video is done, usually in 5 to 20 minutes, think about the issue, tune into that same part of your body, and rate your degree of emotional distress a second time. Write down your new number.

You'll usually find your number dropping substantially. If it doesn't, then pick another specific incident in your life most identified with that feeling in your body, and repeat the process.

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Be a Detective with EFT to Find Reasons for Cravings

Be a Detective with EFT to Find Reasons for CravingsNaturally thin you weight loss program

By Dawson Church, PhD

Core issues behind weight gain and cravings are often clever about hiding , so being a good detective is an EFT asset.

Finding them can be as simple as asking yourself these 8 questions:

1. What does this craving remind me of?

2. When was the first time I felt this way? And what was happening in my life at that time?

3. If there is a deeper emotion underlying this situation, what might it be?

4. Who or what is behind my weight gain?

5. If I could live my life over again, what person or event would I prefer to skip?

6. If there were a consequence for losing weight, what would it be?

7. If there was a benefit to keeping the weight, what would it be?

8. How do I feel just before I get the craving or the munchies? Exhausted? Stressed? Frustrated? Sad? Empty? Angry? Insecure? Alone? Disappointed? And what does this feeling remind me of?

Once you have the answer to any of these questions, continue asking, "Why?" or "What's behind that?" until you find unresolved specific events. If you can't think of anything, you can try a few rounds of EFT on something global to remove a few emotional layers and see if anything new pops up.

"Even though I have this weight issue and I don't know what is causing it, I deeply and completely accept myself."

For Reminder Phrases, try:

"Whatever is causing my weight issue."

"Even though food makes me feel better and I don't understand why, I deeply and completely accept myself."

For Reminder Phrases try:

"Food makes me feel better." or

"I wonder why."

"Even though I eat when I am not hungry, and I know there is an emotional issue, I deeply and completely accept myself."

For Reminder Phrases try:

"This emotional issue." or

"I'm not even hungry."

If you are still not able to come up with an event, memory, or connection, no problem. Just make something up. As I often say, a made-up example can work even better than an actual event, or memory.

Tell yourself:

"If I had to imagine an event that could contribute to my weight problem, it would go something like this..."

Then use whatever event you create.

As soon as you have something, real or imaginary, that's connected in any way to your cravings or weight gain, create a short or long EFT Setup Statement around it an begin tapping.

These events are the building blocks underneath the bigger global issues. By dealing with them one at a time, they are easier to manage, and you can monitor your progress along the way. In addition, by going all the way to the foundation of the issue, you can start releasing these building blocks one by one until the global issue collapses.

Two points about this idea deserve special attention:

1. There can be hundreds or thousands of such specific events underlying a larger issue and thus, theoretically, addressing all of them can be a tedious process.

Fortunately, you do not have to address every specific event to collapse the larger issue. You can usually do the job by collapsing somewhere between five and twenty of its table legs. This is because there is usually a commonality or "general theme" among those specific events. After EFT appropriately collapses a few of the table legs , a generalization effect occurs the serves to collapse the rest.

2. Remember that each specific event is likely to have an assortment of aspects, so address them separately and measure your progress on them one by one.

Aspects can be the different emotions you felt during an event, the various emotional crescendos, or anything else that you would consider to be a "part" of your reaction to the event.  

To be as thorough as possible with any specific event, use the Tell the Story Technique until you can tell the complete story without any emotional spikes.


Excerpt from the Book, EFT for Weight Loss
By Dawson Church, PhD

Pages 171-175

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to get our Free EFT Get Started Package or our EFT Books and EFT Trainings for a more complete understanding. For more, read our EFT Info and Disclaimer Document.

A 91 year old lady's sleeping disorder

Dear EFT Community,

Our wonderful practitioner and author Gloria Arenson is the author of EFT for Procrastination. Here she describes her experience working with a client with insomnia. The client self-medicates with alcohol, but increasing doses have led to physical discomfort and conflicts with her Buddhist beliefs. The first night's test after EFT, she didn't experience insomnia. No procrastination there!

-Will M

by Gloria Arenson

I got a call the other day from a 91 year old woman who saw me on a local cable TV show where I demonstrated EFT. She told me that she was desperate. She hadn't been able to fall asleep for 35 years! Thirty-five years ago she had a few sleepless nights. She tried a little wine to help herself. Since it seemed to help, she continued to use wine. After a year or so she needed more wine. After 3 years the wine wasn't helping so she tried vodka. As time went on she needed more of that.

Now, 35 years later she drinks 5 oz of vodka to fall asleep. Since she wakes a few times a night she needs an extra ounce to fall back to sleep. She totals 8 hrs but wakes up feeling pretty rotten. She has tried EVERYTHING you can think of to stop this habit, to no avail.

What a challenge! I saw her yesterday and was amazed at what a vigorous, healthy, intellectually curious person she is--at 91. I approached the problem from 2 angles: the actual sleep experience and what she was telling herself about the problem. We tapped about the problem globally for a while to get her used to tapping. Then we tapped "Even though I can't fall asleep without alcohol ... " She wasn't able to get in touch with or rate her SUD level [0-10 intensity] , but she reported that she felt relaxed. We addressed, "Even though I can't stay asleep without using alcohol ..." "Even though I don't feel refreshed in the morning," and, of course, "Even though nothing has been able to help me overcome this problem."

As she talked to me I recognized some important negative cognitions. One is that she "has to" have a good night's sleep. She recently lost her husband after taking care of him for a number of years. During that time she couldn't afford to not be rested because of her responsibility to be there for him. We tapped on these thoughts.

This lovely lady has been practicing Buddhist meditation for 40 yrs. I then pointed out that she had an "attachment" to having a good night's sleep and was also "attached" to the alcohol and the idea that it was necessary. When we tapped about the attachment, she felt fear SUD 10 about giving up the alcohol. We spent the rest of the session working on that. She got to #3 and said she would be willing to try to not use alcohol. I reassured her that the choice was hers, and she would know what night would be the right one to do this. (This is a bit of Ericksonian hypnotic intervention).

She called me this morning to report that when she went home she felt so relaxed that she lay on the couch and took a nap. Last night she fell asleep without the vodka. She had colon cancer surgery a few years ago and was awakened by sharp pain. She tried to tap but wasn't able to deal with the pain, so she did take some vodka. She slept through the rest of the night. She is ecstatic! I am sure that she will be able to go through the night without any help very soon. She wants me to share this with everyone.

I know she will spread the word at the retirement community where she lives. I would love to do a presentation for the people who live there. I recently did a class for a small group of women inmates at a local minimum security facility.

This work is so rewarding!!

Namaste, Gloria Arenson

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. If you're a newcomer, please download our free Get Started Package, and refer to the EFT Books and EFT Matrix reimprintingworkshops for a more complete understanding. You will find our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here, our Disclaimer here, and our Copyright Notice here. Please refer to a physician for all medical issues.

Working on Hoarding with Matrix Reimprinting

Dear EFT Community,

In this interesting article, Marion Blique works with a hoarding and procrastinating client. Focusing on a nightmare in which he is in danger but unable to act, Marion combines EFT and Matrix ReImprinting to achieve astounding results. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">

- EFTUniverse.

By Marion Blique

Hoarding things, procrastinating, not moving forward and wasting time.  (“I hoard time but don’t use it...”) were some of the main complaints from John, a young man in his early 40s.  He wanted to do many things, but just didn’t. 

His wife couldn’t invite any guests or family to their house, because it was packed with things that John had bought, found here and there, never used, but kept “just in case.” 

Boxes and piles of stuff were everywhere… in the bedroom, dining room.  A storage shed was even built in the garden.

It was taking a toll on his relationship with everybody as you might imagine.  His wife, his parents, and his in-laws tried to reason with him, but to no avail.  John was also very dissatisfied with his job but was not able to start looking for another one.  We all at some point encounter clients with similar problems.

When I work with hoarders and procrastinators, I never directly target the hoarding and procrastinating, because they very often stem from deep fear or even trauma and they are protective strategies. 

I usually ask my clients to report any significant dreams at the beginning of each session.  I love to work with dreams as they are good indicators of what is happening at a very deep unconscious level.

So John told me about the dream he had had the night before:

“I see myself sleeping under a truck, the truck is slowly sinking into the mud, but I am sleeping…… I am going to get trapped under the truck.”

What struck me in that dream was that he was dissociated, he saw himself, and he was watching, distraught and panicked, a part of himself sleeping under the truck.  It was a rather descriptive representation of his real life situation: a lot of things were pressuring him, weighing on him and he was not able to face them and act.  He was passive but something had to happen as it had become life-threatening.  (He had been concerned about various physical symptoms.)  

I asked him to close his eyes and step back into the dream.  I asked him to just watch what was happening and tell me. 

John was surprised because the part of him under the truck (we will call it his “ECHO” - a Matrix Reimprinting  term - it can be a child part, a part frozen in time because of trauma, or another part) didn’t care, he was just sleeping.

So we just did some regular EFT tapping on all the elements of the situation.

John tapping on himself as the witness in the dream and his emotions and sensations about the dangerous situation his ECHO was in, in the dream, and his fear and anxiety that his ECHO might die, crushed by the truck.

When the SUDs came down to a zero, I asked him what he wanted to do. 

He said he wanted so much to save his ECHO; he wanted to pull him out from under the truck while there was still time: otherwise he would be crushed and die.  (I just observed John and didn’t influence him in any way.  I thought it was a positive reaction in the light of his usual inability to take action; what was also valuable was that he had identified with the witness position, active, strong and conscious.)

I told him to go ahead and pull his ECHO out.

He pulled on his ECHO and got most of him out, but his feet were still trapped. 

So we did some more regular EFT tapping on the different emotions and sensations he was having right then, the fact that the legs were still trapped and his ECHO was still sleeping, and the truck still sinking.  When the SUDs had gone down, I asked him what he wanted to do.

John was very surprised and annoyed that his ECHO was not waking up.  For John, his ECHO was “saved and alive” but still sleeping.  “He doesn’t want to wake up.”  “He is 95% asleep.” 

I asked him how he felt about it and what he wanted to do next. 

He said, “I want to pull him out completely.” So he pulled his ECHO out and he finally woke up.  He began looking around, realizing the danger he had just escaped.

We can see here that John was connecting with the part of him that was “asleep.”

I asked John to acknowledge that his ECHO needed to protect himself by being asleep and be 95% unconscious all this time, that it was alright and to see what his ECHO needed next.

“He needs a boost of energy to see things clearly, to make decisions.  He is tired of being in the fog.”

We started tapping.  I was tapping on John and John was virtually tapping on his ECHO after introducing himself and asking permission. 

“Even though you were sleeping… you didn’t see you were in danger, you were in a fog… you are a wonderful man”… we were both speaking to the ECHO.  (see MR protocol)

When we finished, I asked him to bring in the energy that the ECHO needed.

John felt an incredible rush of “high energy” (his exact words) and this “high energy” had the special power to help him to step back and see things more clearly (a kind of heightened awareness maybe).

He felt a huge flow of energy, made of different colors coming down into his mind, and he sent it to his heart (see the MR protocol).  John felt it very deeply, all around him but also under his skin.  It made him shiver.  He experienced a long series of sensations flowing through his body. 

He took all the time he needed to integrate this new energy into his own body, all the while tapping on the gamut point.  (MR protocol)   He brought this energy into his heart, and into the cells of his body, and finally reimprinted it in the Matrix (I am omitting the details of the MR technique but the moment of reimprinting is a very special, beautiful and meaningful moment.)

The session on this dream was pivotal and opened a whole new chapter in my work with John.  He started to move, to act, to wake up in his own life.  He began to take care of his health too, and the fogginess, the depression lifted.  (He confided in this same session that he experienced bouts of depression all his life which he never had mentioned before, even in his full intake form.)

He had been definitely dissociated at some deep level from a “sleepy part of himself” which was running the show from deep down.  He remembered dissociating as a young boy, going into his mind, behind his eyes in a lost place that was so scary for him.  “As a young boy, I was lost in my mind… and couldn’t find my way back.  I thought I was crazy.”

I think the dream was a wonderful opportunity for him to re-connect and re-associate on a deep somatic level with a part of himself (represented in the dream as the ECHO under the sinking truck) who was dissociated and manifested as asleep, passive, the part which didn’t see what was going on.  The previous interventions from friends and family to solve his hoarding couldn’t reach this sleepy part separated from his conscious mind. 

The 5 EFT sessions before this one prepared him to feel safe for that opening. 

To give some context, John grew up with parents who were very fearful of everything.  So everything was judged risky and scary.  They created a very, very safe environment but somewhat lifeless.  It is so crucial to let young toddlers and children explore, take risks, express their “libidinal” forces, their impulses to act, their desires, which are the expression of the will to live (so essential for all of us but in particular for boys and all kinesthetic people). 

It had not been possible for John to have free access to this life surge, movement and impulse and his dream expressed it beautifully.  He was burying, armoring, deadening himself under all the objects he hoarded, “in case one day” he would become fully alive.

This moment came and it was very moving watching him blossom from week to week.

A few months later after more EFT and Matrix Reimprinting sessions, parts work, dream work, he is really transformed, the hoarding has been almost totally cleared, he is acting and moving forward. 

We are still working on fears as they emerge.  But he woke up!


EFT Offers Detox ReliefEFTU For Workshops AD-1

Dear EFT Community,

EFT Master, Loretta Sparks, reveals how she uses EFT tapping for detoxing with examples from a client's withdrawal from migraine medication and another client suffering the after-effects of binge drinking.


By Loretta Sparks, MFT, EFT MAS-3

For the past 20 plus years I have been treating alcoholics, addicts, and their families at an in-and-out patient facility for a large HMO in Southern California. About six years ago I started integrating EFT into the work I do there. As anyone who has treated addicted individuals can attest, it ain't easy work!

However, EFT can make a big difference in increasing treatment effectiveness.

I'd like to share a couple of experiences I've had using EFT for addiction.

I was asked by one of our physicians to see a 77-year-old woman who was having a very difficult detox from the migraine medication she had been taking for years. She was in a lot of discomfort from the withdrawal of her painkillers and was in the throes of a migraine.

We first did a number of tapping rounds on the withdrawal symptoms focusing on the patient's fear of the sensations/discomfort in her body and her loss of the only help she had for her migraines, her painkillers. We got her SUD Level of discomfort down from a 9 to 2. Because our time was limited, I suggested at that point that we address her migraine. She agreed. Her migraine was at a SUD Level of 10.

Because her head hurt too much to tap, we concentrated the tapping on the collarbone, under arm, and back of hand treatment points. In less that 5 minutes of treatment, the migraine was essentially gone. She saw me after discharge from inpatient and reported that the "tapping" was the most effective treatment she received in the hospital. Her headache had not returned. A couple of times it started to return and she tapped it out.

The second experience I wanted to share was in the form of a phone call (around 10:30 at night) from a colleague who had taken an EFT workshop from me. He had just been released from the hospital ER where he was taken as a result of a binge drinking episode. He felt terrible, tremulous, head hurting, and with a generalized feeling of malaise. His knowledge of EFT made it easy to assist him over the phone.

Alcohol often floods the system with sugar and the detox (withdrawal) process can leave the body craving it with symptoms similar to those of hypoglycemia.

I asked him first to go drink a large glass of orange juice (natural sugar) and then come back to the phone. When he returned, I lead him through the EFT tapping protocol twice. By the time we finished, he was steady, his head did not hurt, and he was tired and wanting to go to bed.

EFT allowed me not only to reduce these people's discomfort, but also to enable them to learn the awesome healing power of their own bodies.

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