Respiratory disorders

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EFT Clears Cough and Bronchitis Congestion Written by Stephanie Marohn Hits: 1887
EFT Alleviates Sinus Problems Written by Dawson Church Hits: 10401
EFT for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Written by Administrator Hits: 483
Pulmonary Hypertension Resolves With EFT Written by David Mackay Hits: 2739
Using EFT on Snoring, Asthma and a Numb Leg Hits: 6662
Severe lung congestion clears with persistent daily EFT Written by Administrator Hits: 3774
EFT Imagineering cleared lungs and improved breathing Written by Administrator Hits: 1679
EFT for Sleep Apnea Written by Dawson Church Hits: 925
Clearing Cough with EFT Improves Family Relationships Too Written by Administrator Hits: 478
Emergency EFT for a 16-year-old asthmatic Written by Administrator Hits: 491
EFT Tapping Speeds Recovery from Flu Written by Dawson Church Hits: 1622
Severe Hoarseness and Cough Gone after Uncovering Core Issue Hits: 635
MD Uses EFT for Colds and Canker Sores Hits: 2345
EFT Helps Asthma with Chronic Cough Written by Dawson Church Hits: 6649

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