EFT Tapping Video Session for Inflammatory Muscle DiseaseEFT Tapping video with Dawson Church on inflammatory muscle disease

By Dawson Church, PhD

In this EFT Tapping video demonstration session, Dawson Church, begins tapping with an EFT Workshop participant with neck injuries, which quickly turns into a session for tapping about her feelings around her Inclusion body myositis (IBM) inflammatory muscle disease diagnosis.

Watch what happens to the participant's body language as she starts out covered and wrapped by her shawl and then completely relaxes into the tapping session.  At the very end of the video is a beautiful update revealing the difference in how she is feeling and you can see it in her appearance.

Did you know that you can tap along with this EFT Tapping video to enjoy "Borrowing Benefits"? 

Borrowing Benefits mean that if you tap along doing EFT while watching the sessions of other people, your problems improve too! Several research studies have documented this phenomenon, called Borrowing Benefits.

EFTUniverse EFT videos show participants working on their issues, and we invite you to Borrow Benefits with them. Instructions appear at the start of each video; you can skip through them once you're used to the procedure. 

Happy tapping!


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Why EFT Tapping is Energy Hygiene

Why EFT Tapping is Energy HygieneIntroduction to Incarnational Spirituality book

By Dawson Church, PhD

In his book, An Introduction to Incarnational Spirituality, philosopher and 'practical mystic' David Spangler cites the three components of energy hygiene as flow, positivity, and connectedness.

He explains:

"Each of us like a pool of energy.  As long as energy is flowing in and out in a healthy way, this pool is live, clear and clean; when this flow is obstructed by a build up of "psychic lint," then the pool can begin to stagnate.

Restoring and maintaining a healthy flow of energy is important.  A good walk, physical activity, learning something new, doing something kind for someone else are all simple ways of restoring flow; there are also techniques for restoring this flow on a subtle energy level.

Being positive is more than just practicing positive thinking, though that can be helpful.  Positivity is a condition of being radiant, open, giving, confident, and strong.  It is an energy state as much as a psychological one.

There are many ways of developing and maintaining this state, but they are all enhanced by valuing and honoring yourself and standing in your uniqueness and sovereignty.

Connectedness opens us to a larger world beyond ourselves and enables us to participate in a greater wholeness.  A pool stagnates when it is unconnected to living streams of water and ultimately to ocean on one hand , and the wellsprings deep within the earth on the other.  So too we need to be connected to the vitality and life, the spirit and the well-being of the world around us.

We create good energy conditions for ourselves not by isolating ourselves behind shields and barriers but by creating good energy in the world around us. Compassionately and lovingly participating in the life of our world and contributing to the well-being of all life is a vital pert of energy hygiene."

With EFT and other energy methods we can bring harmony to the energetic patterns of energetic imbalance that Western medicine calls fibromyalgia.  This approach asks us to work with the deepest level of identity.  

Not everyone is ready for this, but it is a truly worthy road to walk.

EFT for Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue



Excerpt from the book, EFT for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue
Fibromyaligia as a Spiritual Energy Imbalance
Pages 116-118



EFT for Multiple Sclerosis Testing

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to get our Free EFT Get Started Package or our EFT Books and EFT Trainings for a more complete understanding. For more, read our EFT Info and Disclaimer Document. Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

EFT for Multiple Sclerosis Testing

Dear EFT Community,

Mary Folse shares her story of how she used EFT to deal with the MRI testing for her Multiple Sclerosis and how EFT helped her deal with all aspects of the MRI as well as how it helps her feel in her everyday life.

-Stephanie M

By Mary Folse

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1989. It was frightening getting the diagnosis, especially because my three daughters were young and I worried that the MS would leave me physically unable to take care of them.

Over the years since then, I have used EFT for various aspects of my condition, including sleep issues, getting off medication, and managing my symptoms. Most recently, I tapped to help me cope with having an MRI to assess the changes in my nervous system. I’ve had numerous of these scans since my diagnosis and it is a difficult experience to endure.

The day before the MRI, I tapped on getting a restful sleep that night. I did. The next morning I tapped for my spirit to be totally at peace. I tend to choose mostly positive choice statements. It is what works for me.

Here’s what I tapped on in the round of tapping points:

Karate Chop: I have an MRI today.

Eyebrow: I am relaxed and calm.

Side of eye: Even though I could be anxious, I am relaxed and calm and know it will be a restful experience.

Under the eye: I will be at peace for my MRI. Under the nose: It will be easy.

Chin: I will be so relaxed during the MRI. Collarbone: I will be so rested from this MRI. Under the arm: It will be so easy.

Top of head: This MRI will be easy and I am unafraid of what will be discovered. It’s easy to go into the MRI tube thinking, “Oh, boy, here I go again...I wonder if they will find new lesions on my brain.”

So I tapped on that:

Karate Chop: I'm afraid I will have a change in my test.

Eyebrow: I'm afraid new lesions will show up.

Side of eye: New lesions could show up.

Under the eye: I choose to believe that it will be an easy test.

Under the nose: I choose to believe all results will be good.

Chin: I choose to relax and just take it as it comes.

Collarbone: I choose to relax; it is just an assessment. I don't pass or fail like a test.

Under the arm: I choose to relax.

Top of the head: I am relaxed.

I started the test. I was put in the machine at around 9:15. When you first go into the tube, it feels very confining and the noise of the clicks are annoying.  I had to be very still, so I tapped in my mind on staying still. I visualized the Karate Chop point, the Eyebrow point, and so on. As I visualized, I lost any fear of the test.  I mentally tapped on “Gratitude” and concerns for my family. I prayed and tapped gratitude.

In my mind, while visualizing the points, I mentally tapped on:

Karate Chop: I am so thankful to have this time to rest and pray for my family.

Eyebrow: I am so thankful for my girls and their husbands.

Side of eye: I am so thankful for my grandchildren.

And so on…

This meditation continued for almost two hours. I had to be absolutely still and was doing fine at that until at an hour and a quarter someone told me I was moving. Then I mentally tapped for letting go of movement. Midway through the procedure, I was given an injection. That is always an anxious moment for me and I mentally tapped while they proceeded to look for the vein in my arm.

Prior to this, it had always taken three to five needle pricks for the nurse to find my vein, the result being bruising and sometimes pain. My script for the vein search went like this (again, I was visualizing the tapping since I was strapped to a table, unable to move):

Karate Chop: Oh boy, they need to find a vein.

Eyebrow: My veins are so long and thin.

Side of eye: My blood is flowing easily and freely today.

Under the eye: My veins are easily visible...I completely and deeply accept my wonderful veins.

Under the nose: My veins are so easy to find.

Chin: I love and accept my wonderful veins.

Collarbone: I love and know that I have a wonderful circulatory system.

Top of head: I love and accept all of me, fearfully and wonderfully made.

It was the very first time my vein was found immediately. The injection medicine did not burn or affect me in any adverse way. I felt nothing!

I did not even have a bruise where the injection was given. But for the fact that they put a cotton ball there, I would never have been able to tell you where the injection was done. This MRI experience was remarkable, so different from the many other awful times when I didn’t tap.

By the way, there were no adverse changes in my nervous system since my previous MRI several years ago. This is just one of many stories of how EFT has helped. This EFT walk is such a daily thing. I pray with my EFT. It lifts my spirit and makes me calm.

EFT Tapping Helps Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Sufferer Trek Mt. Everest


EFT for Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue

Dear EFT Community,

In this moving story, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner, Lise Wearing, tells how EFT and other modalities helped her recover from debilitating chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) so completely that she ran the Boston Marathon at the age of 61 and trekked to the Mt. Everest Base Camp at the age of 62.

-Stephanie M

By Lise Wearing

Back in 1998, on the threshold of my 50s, my body-mind had reached the tipping point. Its inner voice was loud and clear:

“You cannot treat me like this anymore. I quit.”

And quit it did, in the most dramatic way!

A few months later, I could only be awake for a few hours a day. On a typical weekday, I got out of bed, helped get my son ready for school, and walked him over there—just a few short blocks. I walked back, feeling dizzy and weak. Then I slept until it was time to pick him up. Barely able to make dinner, I managed to put a smile on my face and eat with my family. Then I slept on the sofa through the evening and crawled into bed to sleep through the night. 

My symptoms included dizziness, night blindness, digestive problems, back pain, cognitive and memory problems, and hypersensitivity to noise and light. I was desperate to get a diagnosis.

Thankfully, my doctor knew that chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) was not an imaginary condition and he said that is what I had. He told me that most people recover within 3 years, but some people never do. 

With all the courage I could gather, I began my long healing journey as if on a pilgrimage of hope.

In search of answers, I read many books. One that was most helpful was by Susan M. Lark, MD, Chronic Fatigue: Self Help Book. That book enabled me to construct a plan for my recovery. 

I kept track of my progress every day with a scale of 1 to 10, measuring my energy and mood, and graphed this data on a monthly basis. Healing was my new job and I went at it with passion. I changed my diet, eliminating what did not contribute to my health, and for many months I ate just about only brown rice and vegetables.

I also went for a fast at True North Health Center in California in the summer of 1999. By the fall, I was making slow progress. I learned to meditate. I did yoga; I would roll out my mat and do shavasana (the corpse pose) and call that enough. I would do gentle stretches. I had an easel set up and occasionally made a mark with a paintbrush and called that art.

I learned to appreciate myself enough to do things that were easy to do and that would make me happy. Yet, in the back of my mind, lingered the question “What if it comes back?” When I exerted myself much, I felt dizzy and would need to sleep and rest sometimes for days at a time.

By 2002, I felt well enough to go back to school part time; I became a holistic nutritionist.

By then, I realized that I had given my body what it needed to be well, but I had not really addressed the underlying emotional issues related to the condition. So I got into therapy to explore anger and control issues I’d had for years. 

With my therapist, Dr. Alexander Lees, I discovered EFT, which was like the mother lode in a gold mine! Using the Personal Peace Procedure, I listed all the hurts I could remember from my past, starting with my mother’s favorite refrain, which was “What did we do to God to have a child like you?” On that list I also put the painful fact that my father had ignored me for years, while giving his attention to my many brothers. 

Scanning through my past to complete the inventory of painful moments, I recalled a tragic event:

When I was 17-years-old, while working as a lifeguard, a young child died in my arms despite all my efforts to save him. Then, at 21, I married a man I knew deep down did not even like me, but I did not listen to the warning signs; this turned into a disastrous marriage. 

Working with that long list of painful events, it was clear to me that I had started to be angry very young about everything I perceived as so utterly unfair. It felt as though layers of anger had been building up coats upon coats of stiffening heavy varnish.

No wonder my subconscious mind had figured that being sick was the only way to get positive attention from me, the authentic me that had been covered and muffled below all that varnish. I sat on my couch, day after day, tapping away and crossing out miserable event after miserable event until I could find nothing left to tap about.

With the realization that EFT had been a big part in my emotional and overall recovery, I trained to become a certified EFT practitioner.

Now I was on a mission to help others through the wondrous EFT alchemy of shifting negative emotions into a golden state of poise, self-appreciation, and acceptance. And with training from the amazing Annabel Fisher, I also became an AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques) certified practitioner and a Matrix Reimprinting practitioner with Sharon King. 

Given that I felt I had more energy and despite my doubts, I decided to get into a structured running program. I still recall going to buy my first pair of serious runners and being asked how long I was running for and answering, “One minute.” But with incremental and diligent training and with the help of good chiropractic treatments from Dr. Vipond, I was able to join the 49,000 people who ran the popular 10k Vancouver Sun Run. 

Fuelled with even more stamina and ambitious running ideas, I continued to train.

In 2006, I ran my first marathon for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation of Canada in support of my friend Johanna who was battling lymphoma. By 2009, with three marathons to my credit, and much more rigorous training, I qualified to run a big one: the Boston Marathon. 

Emboldened by that accomplishment, I started to think about Everest.

EFT Tapping Takes User from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Sufferer to Trekking Mt. Everest: lise trekking to everest 2010

In 2010, I trekked to Everest Base Camp and Mount Kala Patar to 5,628 meters.

Then, in October of this year, I went back to Nepal, my heart filled to the brim by donations totalling 50 articles of warm children’s clothing I had been given to take with me.

This time I trekked to Annapurna Base Camp, with my 23-year-old son and the wonderful husband I married, as a second marriage, 34 years ago. 

Thanks to EFT and other effective modalities, I have healed and I can now declare with deep conviction that I am happy, healthy, and strong.

I now understand how my mind works and that, at any time, I have the power to change how I feel by changing how I think and by tapping. Whenever the belligerent sorry-self from the past shows up, I recognize it early, and gently and compassionately invite it to leave my mind. And if needed, a few rounds of tapping will send it merrily on its way.

Now at 66-years-old, I feel so blessed by my pilgrimage into vibrant health and I am devoted to helping others with their own transformation and recovery. And to keep my good momentum going after Annapurna, I’ve decided to run a 10k race in 2 weeks to celebrate the end of this wonderful year. 

Looking back at the past 15 years, I can see that chronic fatigue was the catalyst for my profound transformative journey. More than this, in the process of changing my mind and my life and recovering my energy, I have been able to thrive and to live so much more fully than I ever dreamed of.

EFT Helps Clear Cancer Diagnosis Trauma

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. If you're a newcomer, please download our free Get Started Package, and refer to the EFT Books and EFT workshops for a more complete understanding. You will find our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here, our Disclaimer here, and our Copyright Notice here. Please consult a physician for all medical issues.

EFT Helps Clear Cancer Diagnosis Trauma

Dear EFT Community,

Suzanne Lerner, PhD relates how she used EFT techniques to clear the emotional issues that can arise for someone dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

-Stephanie M

By Suzanne Lerner, PhD

Many people don’t realize how traumatizing it is to receive a doctor’s diagnosis. There can be feelings of overwhelm, fear, helplessness, hopelessness and shock that all need to be cleared.

This was the case with “Charlie.”

He had been diagnosed with Leukemia two years ago, Stage IV and was basically told that he had to have chemotherapy that same day, else he would die in a few months. He was also told that it was only going to get worse, and nothing could help. The chemo would only slow down his inevitable and painful death.

The chemotherapy did initially help, but then the illness returned.

He tried many alternative treatments, but his white cell count continued to rise. Now, however, he had just received a new kind of alternative therapy. He was responding really well, but was surprised to find himself feeling more anxious than relieved.

Like many people dealing with life-threatening illness, he was feeling optimistic, but also very fearful that the illness would return. He was intelligent enough to realize that this fear could become a self-fulfilling prophesy, and so he arranged to work with me. He was feeling alternately very optimistic and pessimistic. I suggested that we could work to help him find a more creative and healthy balance.

Charlie was very grateful to be feeling new energy and vitality, but it was a shock. Having been ill for so long, he almost didn’t recognize himself healthy! Still, he rationally knew he was much better and preferred to be healthy.

I explained that he had probably felt overwhelmed by the whole experience, without the time to process it all, and that we could use my “Inspired EFT” approach to help him process the experience of the diagnosis and illness and clear his fears. This would help him think better so he could make important decisions about his health.

From a place of ease, he be able to better tune into the choices that were best for him.

I find that the shock of the original diagnosis often has to be cleared. So we went back and gave him new resources to deal with the event of receiving his diagnosis. Tears came, as he was finally able to release all the terror. He released the torment of having so little time to consider his options. We then addressed his guilt about some suicidal thoughts he’d experienced. After several tapping rounds, he was able to forgive himself.

He now could see that this had been his way of trying to regain a sense of control in a seemingly uncontrollable situation.

I had Charlie then return to the diagnosis scene, and imagine having a kind of TV remote in his hand. This helped him regain a more healthy sense of control. He could pause the scene, run it forwards or backwards, repeat a section so he could understand what the doctor was saying, or put the whole thing on “pause.”

Layers of grief, overwhelm, and shock were released.

I also helped him clear several additional fears, including the fear that he would become completely dependent on others, and that he might be devastated by the cost and side effects of the treatment. We did some rounds on this old memory, helping him to recognize that he was now safe and that he had survived.

Once his SUDS level were reduced, I asked Charlie what he wished could have happened in this scene. He said that looking back, he wished that he could have just had an hour to do yoga, and ground himself, so that he could be in a better place to make decisions, instead of being so rushed. I asked him to vividly experience that, choosing the most beautiful place he could imagine to do the yoga.

He saw himself in the Caribbean, where he had once visited on vacation. He began enjoying the beautiful blue of the ocean, the rhythmic sound of the waves, and the smell and feel of the refreshing breeze. I encouraged him to feel these feelings at an even deeper feel it in every cell of his body...soothing and refreshing him.

Then he tuned into what color would feel most healing, and he surrounded this image with a healing blue light, which we then imprinted, using the Matrix Reimprinting protocol.

Charlie now was fully able to release his overwhelm, fear and lack of control.

He reported feeling a new sense of peace and gratitude towards himself for all that he had been through. As he resolved some of the conflict between his optimistic and pessimistic parts, he discovered that they could work better as a team together, creating a more balanced perspective.

Charlie noticed with some amazement how much more relaxed and at ease he felt. The events of his diagnosis no longer haunted him. He felt he could take all the time he needed now, and choose the best healing opportunities available. He actually found himself getting excited about exploring these new options and also sharing them with others who could benefit from his experiences.

We know from the field of psychoneuroimmunology, that when we reduce stress and emotional trauma, the immune system can function more effectively to support our healing process. Charlie was now back in the driver’s seat, ready to move forward and embrace his healing and greater well-being.

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