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Transformational Leadership Council

Imagine hanging out at a five-star resort with people like Don Miguel Ruiz, Marianne Williamson, Jack Canfield, John Gray, Ivan Misner, Marci Shimoff and Gay Hendricks for few days! These legendary change-makers actually do spend unstructured informal time with each other twice a year at a secret location. Their organization is called the Transformational Leadership Council or TLC, and EFT is represented by both Dawson Church and Nick Ortner. At the most recent TLC meeting, Dawson gave a "Ted Talk" on DNA and PTSD, and tapped with the whole group. People experienced profound shifts, with both tears and laughter, and gave him a standing ovation at the end.



Dawson Church's Holiday Message 2013

Dawson Church's Holiday Message 2013

By Dawson Church

Thnakfulness by Dawson

Dear EFT Community,

I'm writing this holiday season message to you straight from the heart. I'd like to share my experience of two different kinds of thankfulness.

One of the pieces of advice we're often given is to "count our blessings." We can list all of the things for which we're grateful, and for most of us it's a long list!

A roof over our heads, food in our stomachs, air to breathe, clean water, physical safety, loved ones, freedom to express ourselves - and that's just a start. I encourage you to make such lists often. When you focus on what you do have, what's going well, and abandon your focus on what you don't have, what's not going well, you predispose yourself to more of the former.

Your mind makes changes in your brain. You literally activate the circuits in your neural network used to signal happiness, enlarging and strengthening them. The more you use these neurological assets, the bigger they get and the better they function, just the same way as you build a muscle through exercise.

Yet, there's a more elusive type of thankfulness we can cultivate.

It's approaching each moment of life a general spirit of thankfulness. It's not tied to whether we have or don't have any particular item in our lives. This kind of thankfulness exists independent of our circumstances. Circumstances provide us with ups and downs yet when we're in this state, we stay thankful regardless of what's going on around us, or how long or short our gratitude list may be.

Sometimes I find myself overflowing with gratitude and joy for no reason. It's thankfulness just running over the brim of the cup of existence.

When you're in the habit of focusing on the good, you develop an energy of thankfulness that permeates and infuses everything around you. When you've developed a muscle and it's become strong, you can savor the experience of strength even when you're not using that muscle.

In the same way, thankfulness just becomes a state you live in, rather than a trait you develop. In this holiday season, I and everyone else at EFT Universe wishes you this STATE of universal thanksgiving. May it pour through your life, transforming everything it touches, and becoming the context in which you live the whole of your life.

We love you, we're so grateful for you, and we feel blessed to be part of this magnificent community of healing.

Dawson Church

And the Team

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EFT Success Stories: Using EFT for a Range of Problems

Dear EFT Community,

Here, Chris F tells how using EFT for a range of problems with family members and others demonstrated to them how effective it can be. With her family doctor’s approval, she even demonstrated to an intern in the office how she could lower her own blood pressure with EFT.

-Stephanie M

By Chris F

When I learned EFT I thought I would use it for my family. Convincing them was another story until my father got cancer.

My mother called me at work and asked me to stop by before going home. She said that Dad was having trouble getting to sleep due to his medications and, of course, I said yes.

My dad and I went into his bedroom, he sat on the edge of his bed, and we began with the EFT Karate Chop, saying,

“Even though I have to take this medicine, I completely accept and love my body.”

We went through the remaining recipe points with things like 

"Stupid cigarettes...I need to rest...I don’t like this cancer process.”

He went to sleep and called me the next day at the office and stated that he actually slept and was feeling good. I was very pleased.

Another time, a woman at the office was on steroids for a spider bite she got from cleaning her basement with her husband. The spider jumped on her neck and bit her and the doctor prescribed the steroids for the itch. You could see the hole left by the bite and the area was really red and “angry.”

As soon as we started the Karate Chop with “Even though I have been bitten by this spider...,” she felt a little “funny” as she said it.

I immediately got the feeling that she needed to apologize to the spider for taking its life. So we said things like “I killed a spider...I took a life...He had a right to live too,” and before I finished the recipe she grabbed my hand and said that the itch was gone! The next day she came up to me and pointed to her neck. The hole was gone and so was the red surrounding the hole!

Once, one of my sisters brought her then 10-year-old son to my house for me to watch him while she went to the store. She said he had the remnants of the flu. When she left, I asked what was wrong because he immediately laid down on the couch. He said he still had a stomachache. So I tapped only under his eyes and he jumped up off the couch as if nothing were wrong and asked, “How did you do that? "

His stomachache had disappeared immediately!

I explained the process to him. He is now 16 and performs the process on his friends when needed. They think he is weird...(laugh).

On many occasions I have helped family members with issues that they were very skeptical about.

EFT is a godsend. Even when you don’t use the whole recipe, if you know or can quickly assess the main issue, you get results.

My own physician thinks that the entire process should be taught to all of my family members. He had an intern with him one day who asked me if it was all right if she examined me. Fine with me. She took temperature, blood pressure, asked all the questions, and then my doctor left the room. Before he closed the door, he looked at me and said, “Now don’t you change her mind,” then he winked.

So I explained to the intern the EFT process and what it could do and even tapped on my high blood pressure to prove to her that I could lower it at will.

My doctor came back into the room and I asked him to take my blood pressure again. He did and announced that it was 10 points lower! The intern’s eyes popped out and her mouth dropped and my doctor just grinned. She did comment that she had sat in on a lecture about the EFT process during med school. Maybe some headway is being made in mainstream medicine after all.

Note: Consult your licensed health professional about all health issues. By viewing this site you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, our Disclaimer, and our Copyright Notice. Download our free Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) Get Started Package here, and go deeper with EFT Books and EFT workshops.

EFT and the Law of Attraction: The Need to Tap on the Negative

Dear EFT Readers,

In this article, EFT and Matrix trainer Alina Frank writes about a common misapplication of the Law of Attraction and the need to clear limiting beliefs and disturbing emotions in order to be free of their influence on one’s life.

-Stephanie M

By Alina Frank

Quite often there will be clients who cannot find the blocks that prevent them from healing, moving forward in romantic relationship, or building their businesses. Our job then as EFT coaches is to uncover the root of these challenges even when there is no apparent cause, as is the case with subconscious beliefs.

Subconscious limiting or negative beliefs seem to be especially hidden from those that ascribe to the popular mainstream teachings of the Law of Attraction. Here’s a recent example from my practice:

Lucy had just been offered a partnership in her firm when she suddenly developed fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. A friend suggested working with me and she came in to work on the physical aspects of her condition. When I asked her what areas of her life were stressful, she quickly told me about her relationship with her fiancé, a CEO with a very demanding work life of his own. His home life had gradually become Lucy’s responsibility and she managed practically every aspect of it.

Lucy took care of the bills, the housekeeping, the dogs, the cooking, social arrangements, running errands, etc. Just prior to Lucy being offered her promotion, her fiancé had told her that he’d need even more of her time due to his company’s restructuring. She had not told him about the possibility of her promotion. Part of her wanted to expand, receive recognition, and make more money, but her fears of rocking the boat had internalized and left her body in near paralysis.

Lucy said she was somewhat familiar with EFT. On closer examination, I learned that she had only been exposed to global and positive tapping with another practitioner. When I began working with her, she had a lot of resistance to tapping on the negative statements, so I spent a considerable amount of time explaining the concepts of Clinical EFT, in which we state the negative and target events instead of mere feelings or broad issues. I asked her to imagine a pile of excrement with icing on it and asked her if it would still stink.

I asked her to imagine that she cut her hand with a piece of glass and that glass piece was still embedded in her hand. Would she need to meditate on affirmations about her hand or just remove the glass in order to allow her body to heal itself? We tapped on the fears associated with stating the negative and she had the realization that she had used the Law of Attraction most of her life as an avoidance strategy that hadn’t really worked well at all.

Over the next month we tapped on her resistance to change, her fears of upsetting her fiancé, and her concerns about possibly making more money than him. While her body healed itself with the release of her blocked emotions, her mind made peace with her desire for a more expansive life than she’d been leading. By the time our work was complete, Lucy had received not one but two raises and had established workable household agreements that supported both her and her partner.

The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like” and therefore one must focus only on positive thoughts and words in order to have the life one desires. What many do not understand clearly though is that the most powerful force at play with the Law of Attraction is the vibrations sent out through emotions.

If those emotions below the positive attitude are really negative, dark, limiting, or fearful, then that’s exactly what one will experience in life circumstances. Remember that EFT states clearly the emotions that are already there and doesn’t stew in them, just merely brings each to the surface in order to shift out of it forever.

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to get our Free EFT Get Started Package or our EFT Books and EFT Trainings for a more complete understanding. For more, read our EFT Info and Disclaimer Document.

EFT for Weight Issues and Feeling Like a Loser

Dear EFT Community,

Jessie Wyatt presented this case study for her EFT practitioner certification, in which she helps her client use EFT to heal the hurt of past sibling rivalry and correct unhealthy eating habits. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">


By Jessie Diane WyattEFT4WeightLoss-Facebook Button

"K." came to me in total frustration.

She had gained a lot of weight in the last couple of years and besides that she was overwhelmed and burdened with credit card debt. She was full of frustration, anger, and hopelessness.

At 39, most of her friends were married, buying houses and starting families. She’s single and felt so far behind her friends financially, plus she didn’t like how she looked with this excess weight. Everything about her life felt difficult. In her words: “I feel like a loser”.

We talked about both her weight and money issues and how they were related. I suggested she choose one of the two issues for us to hone in on first. She chose to tackle weight first as that was most bothersome to her.

We talked about the idea of emotional eating and specifically about her eating habits. I explained how we sometimes turn to food to calm our deep rooted anxieties. She was very self aware in that she recognized how she was “stuffing” in her anger at life, by eating and stuffing herself with food. She noticed she ate when she was lonely or feeling “low.”

I asked her to try to remember when she first turned to food for emotional reasons; for comfort.

It turns out she had a history of this since when was young. She grew up in a household where her sister got all the attention and in her words “there was never enough for me.” Her sister got better birthday gifts, gymnastic lessons, and all of the positive attention seemed to revolve around her older sister.

Her parents doted on her older sister (who was petite and thin) and K. always felt neglected or second best. There just wasn’t enough for her.

And so she ate – especially when no one was looking. And it comforted her.

My goal was to get specific with K. asking her to recall exact childhood experiences when she felt this lack of love, this “never enough feeling.”

We tapped on quite a few specific incidents where she felt unloved. I’ll share one example:

One was a Christmas when her sister got great gifts and K. got shortchanged with “crummy” gifts.

She said the disparity was laughable. Her sister got glamorous and expensive gymnastic & dance outfits – basically expensive and well-thought out gifts. K. remembers getting a couple of Tee shirts and a pair of earrings that she didn’t even like – nothing special or meaningful.

I used the movie technique and she titled her "movie” --  “I got screwed at Christmas”

So we tapped on that:

Even though I got crummy Christmas presents while my sister got great ones, I got screwed again, it was the same every Christmas, I never got enough, and I never got enough love, there was never enough for me, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I didn’t get enough love from my parents, they treated me like a second class citizen, my sister got all the loving, she got the good Christmas gifts, and all the attention, I still deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I grew up without enough love or the right kind of loving and nurturing, my sister got it all so I had to turn to food for comfort and to feel better, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Then we tapped on the body points, saying “I got screwed at Christmas”. We did several more rounds. Adjusting the setup phrase each time to:  “there wasn’t enough love for me” and “my sister got love but I didn’t”.

K. and I worked together for several sessions, tapping on various childhood/teen memories where she felt the pain of not being loved by her parents. I had her create a mini movie and vividly imagine each of these old events/memories. 

When we tapped I sometimes used the phrase “I feel like a loser” since that was something she said during our first meeting.

Over the years, her father said a few things to K. about her weight, in front of friends, which embarrassed her. So we tapped on those precise incidents, using the Tell the Story technique.

Then we tapped on a few other emotional issues all of which typically led her towards food to compensate for what was lacking in her life.

At this point, K. started to simply feel better about herself. She wasn’t as discouraged and angry about her situation. She was more genuinely optimistic and the next time I saw her, she surprised me and told me she had joined a weight loss program and was exercising regularly.   

She seemed happier and “lighter.”

Her whole attitude, the energy about her was different!  She felt better about her job and her friends.

Next, I asked her if she felt like there was any tapping left to do on this weight issue. She expressed concern that she’d get half way through the weight loss program and then quit. As that had happened to her before.

We got specific and it turns out there were times growing up when she’d accomplish something but didn’t get the full recognition or praise she’d hope for so she starting thinking “why bother.” And she started quitting on things.  To avoid this self sabotage, we tapped on these specific memories.

K. stuck with her weight loss program – as of now, she looks great, feels more energetic and is excited to continue this as a lifestyle program.

She was then ready to focus on her money issue, although since they are closely related, she is already on her way to improvement in that area. She did mention that when she logs into her computer, and checks her bank/financials statements, which she does daily, seeing her debt triggers great anxiety.  I suggested she bring her laptop to our next session.  That way we can log on and summon up the precise situation and the exact anxiety she feels when she sees her financial information.  We can then tap on the anxiety she feels and use that as a starting point for digging further into those money issues.

I always like to finish our sessions by tapping on some positive thoughts.

Here are some of the ones I used during our last session on the weight issue:

I am a confident woman and people are drawn to me

I love myself and I appreciate myself

I enjoy respecting my body by eating healthy foods

I take good care of myself because I deserve to be healthy and fit

 I love eating in a healthy manner

I am the perfect weight and I feel healthy

I enjoy exercising and feel so fit

I have all that I need

I inspire others

I feel good and I have lots of energy


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