How to use EFT To Dramatically Solve Your Sleep Problems

Dear EFT Community,overcome insomnia with Ruth Stern

After much trial and error, mental health therapist and sleep expert, Ruth Stern cured the chronic insomnia she suffered for 19 years; with EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques. According to Stern, this is a powerful tool to heal the stress that feeds the insomnia. EFT- a technique based on the principles of acupuncture, which became what she states as her “saving grace.”


By Ruth Stern, MA

What is EFT? Why does it work?

EFT is based on the principles of acupuncture, which is ancient Chinese medicine that uses needles to unblock energy to restore the body to health.

With EFT, instead of using needles, you stimulate certain energy/meridian points on your body, by tapping on them with your fingertips, while you tune into your particular problem. By restoring the balance of your energy system, you are reducing and dissolving negative emotions and the stress which causes your sleep problems.

In a study published in the Journal of Mental and Nervous Disease - 2012, conducted by with David Feinstein, PhD, and Dawson Church, PhD; found that EFT produces a 24% decrease in cortisol levels. Cortisol, most commonly known as the “stress hormone,” is one of the key elements of the body’s “fight or flight” response to stress. And decrease in cortisol is crucial for sleep.

Stern shares her 4 Step Formula for blissful sleep: Stern supports her findings regarding sleep solutions by offering a program online.

Step #1 - incorporate the critical pillars of sleep hygiene- these are simple actions you can take immediately both physically and emotionally. A few examples of great sleep hygiene are: avoid caffeine in the evening, avoid watching or reading high intense action that revs you up, and keeping your body cool in the evening. These are a few of the habits to incorporate to prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

Step #2 - it’s important that you learn how to release negative emotions throughout your day, to raise your emotional state and well-being. The EFT tapping technique easily releases stress, anger, frustration etc. The more you release during the day and come back to alignment, it will become much easier to fall asleep, as you are not accumulating stress.

Step #3 - learn the “special tapping” to go and stay asleep. This is the cutting edge part of the formula. In the evening you are balancing the energetic system to decrease the stress. And the evening tapping takes about 8 minutes. Stern made a commitment to use the tapping every night for 30 days to resolve years of no sleep. And within 6 weeks, she cured herself completely , of her 19 year bout with insomnia.

Step #4 - you participate in a deeply relaxing meditation to enhance your ability to go to sleep. Many of her clients have reported not needing step 4, as they were already sleeping.

Stern offers this free gift below to guide you through the exact steps to solve your sleep problems once and for all. You can access her newest Ebook , How To Overcome Insomnia: The Breakthrough Technique That Will Dramatically Cure Your Sleep Problems.

Access Your Gift Here! (opens in a pdf)

Sleep expert, Ruth Stern says, “There is great news for those who suffer. This is truly a a life changing and sleep changing technique that is so simple and works rapidly to get the relief you have been waiting for.”




Oprah Magazine - Tapping Her Potential

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. Newcomers can still learn from it but are advised to get our Free EFT Get Started Package or our EFT Books and EFT Trainings for a more complete understanding. For more, read our EFT Info and Disclaimer Document. Please refer to a physician for all medical issues.

Oprah Magazine - Tapping Her Potential

Appearing in February issue of The Oprah Magazine, p. 115

Dogged by anxiety, Terry Trespicio tries to break free with acupressure.

Oprah Magazine - Tapping Her Potential

My MIDDLE FINGER is gently tapping points on my brow, cheeckboke, and chin while I say aloud, as directed: “Even though I felt out of control and wanted to vomit when my parents got divorced, I completely accept myself.”

Yes, of course I feel like Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live.

But while most of me worries this is New Age hogwash, all of me wants it to work.

I began having panic attacks in my 20s after my parents split up; 15 years later, I still suffer from lingering anxiety, so I’m trying Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or tapping, a form of psychological acupressure intended to defuse painful memories an alleviate physical ailments.

Tapping has helped people squash food cravings and even overcome abuse; in one study, it dramatically reduced PTSD symptoms among veterans.

According to EFT proponents, our bodies contain energy that flows along pathways, and a traumatic event or phobia can cause a static interference that impedes it.

Supposedly we can retune our energy by tapping acupressure points while repeating statements that acknowledge troubling emotions, followed by vows of self-acceptance.

“We store every memory,” says my tapping guide, Larry Burk, MD, a cofounder of the Duke Center for Integrative Medicine. “When a negative thought triggers a traumatic memory, you can reexperience any fear or panic you initially had. While tapping won’t erase the memory, hitting the acupressure points helps unplug and neutralize any emotional or physical response.”

The First time I tried tapping, a tightness in my throat morphed to warmth in my belly, as though I were digesting and eliminating anxiety.

I felt relaxed and energized.OMagazine

It’s been two months now, and though practicing EFT makes me feel Slightly ridiculous–as if I’m trying to send signals to the mother ship–it’s made me feel so much better.

Now I’m using it to cope with enraging e-mails and even a recent breakup (but I deeply accept myself!).

I’ll be tapping on that one for a while.

Official Launch of EFT

Official Launch of EFT Global.orgEFT Global


We Warmly Welcome You Join Us for the Official Launch of EFT!

EFT Global’s website has been a long time coming and we are so excited to announce our digital launch—just in time for the holidays! EFT Global, a 501(c)(3) registered foundation, is dedicated to bringing the enormous benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to assist and empower three primary populations: Those affected by natural and human-caused disasters, those living among weakened social and political systems and other humanitarian workers who are experiencing primary or secondary trauma as the result of helping others on a day-to-day basis.

As an organization, EFT Global officially launched in October, 2011 in conjunction with its first project in the troubled city of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico just across the Texas border. The aim was to plant the seed of EFT in the city where community members live in constant fear. For many it is hard to image what it means to live in a zone where violence reigns and its power exceeds the possibilities of law and order, but for people in Nuevo Laredo that is their daily reality.

The project was led by EFT Practitioner, David MacKay from Puebla, Mexico accompanied by Carolina Tellez from Guadalajara and Jenny Pavisic from Mexico City. They spent 5 days training psychologists and social workers from the DIF (Integral Family Development, an official organization dedicated to the implementation of public policy regarding social welfare), as well as the health and education sectors and other community volunteers.

The team was asked back to complete a second project a few months later.

EFT Global would not exist if not for the vision of Dawson Church, Ph.D. so a BIG thanks goes out to him and his team for their ongoing support.

For years, Dawson dreamt of starting an EFT-based humanitarian organization to assist those impacted by natural- and human-caused disasters. Drawing upon his vast wisdom and network, in 2011, he put together a perfect team to help realize this dream: Diane von der Weid (Switzerland), David MacKay (Mexico) and Carrie McCabe (USA). We all bring very different skills, experiences and perspectives which we believe has helped to strengthen Dawson’s original vision.

We are thrilled that in the last six months, EFT Master, Rehana Webster has also joined our team, bringing with her an innovative approach she developed, the Trauma Buster Technique (TBT). TBT is an extension of EFT combined with NLP and has proven to be a powerful method for changing internal experiences, particularly among trauma sufferers. Ultimately, EFT Global exists because of the generous donation of time and resources from those who believe in the healing power of EFT.

We want to thank those who generously contributed to our Indiegogo campaign.

With your help and our technical partners who agreed to a deferred payment plan, we were able to get the momentum we needed to design, develop and bring to fruition. Over the last year, we’ve worked hard to build a great web platform.

Our goal was to create a community and a focal point where the power of EFT can be brought to bear on humanitarian projects around the globe and to become a network and digital hub for those actively teaching, practicing and learning EFT. We hope that you agree we've accomplished our goal. EFT Global also aspires to do its part to ensure EFT becomes widely known across the globe to alleviate disharmony and distress in people's lives, both large and small.

And, in keeping with Dawson’s original vision, one of EFT Global’s longer-term goals is to proactively avert human-caused disasters in collaboration with other trauma experts, humanitarian organizations and local people/groups in an effort to create and promote global peace.

As such, EFT Global is meant to be a global website, a place for you, me, and everyone interested in learning, sharing and using EFT to heal ourselves and others.

Please join in by:

  • Taking part in the EFT Global Community,EFTConnect
  • Sharing your experience and expertise with one other
  • Contributing your views and ideas on EFTConnect
  • Collaborating/Partnering with EFT Global
  • Volunteering for EFT Global
  • Spreading the word about EFT Global
  • Donating to EFT Global and other EFT humanitarian-based projects in support of our joint community across the world!


EFT Global will accomplish its goals with your help! Thank you for your active involvement and ongoing support. Together, we can and we will positively impact the lives of others and contribute to healing the world.

EFT & Tapping In The News


There have been many stories about EFT in magazines, newspapers, TV shows, and other publications. Below are some of those stories.

We haven't been able to catalog them all, please email us if you find one we've missed.


Hay House and Energy Psychology Press Sign Distribution Agreement

Energy Psychology Press, Santa Rosa, CA


Contact: Jennifer Geronimo at (619) 713-6756 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hay House and Energy Psychology Press Sign Distribution Agreement

SANTA ROSA, CA. Hay House, a California publisher of inspirational books, and Energy Psychology Press, publisher of books on EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), have signed a 5 year distribution contract. Hay House ( will begin distributing Energy Psychology Press ( titles on January 1st, 2013. Hay House was founded in the late 1980s to publish Louise Hay's best-seller "You Can Heal Your Life," and today has annual revenues of $100 million from the publication and distribution of books, e-books, information products, and live events.

Energy Psychology Press publishes "The EFT Manual" and other instructional books and textbooks in the field of Energy Psychology. It is affiliated with EFT Universe, which offers EFT certification and training using Energy Psychology Press books. The EFT Universe web site,, is one of the most popular alternative medicine sites on the web, with some 150,000 visitors per month.

Besides a large marketing presence in the US, Hay House has offices in many other English-speaking countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and India. Dawson Church, PhD, Publisher of Energy Psychology Press, says, "We're enthusiastic about this collaboration with Hay House. This distribution agreement gives us access to many new markets. Both Energy Psychology Press and Hay House perceive publishing as more than traditional hard-copy books. With increasing frequency, we're taking our message online. In addition to books, our new information products offer customers a rich learning experience that includes multifaceted media channels."

Reid Tracy, CEO of Hay House, commented, "Hay House is very excited to be distributing the Energy Psychology titles; we see a growing market worldwide for EFT. Hay House has started by publishing EFT titles by Jack Canfield (Tapping for Success) and Nick Ortner (The Tapping Solution). With the addition of Energy Psychology titles, we expect to be the dominant resource for EFT, as we look forward exposing many more individuals and booksellers to these life-changing methods."

Hay House will begin accepting returns of Energy Psychology Press titles immediately. Retailers and wholesalers can begin placing orders for Energy Psychology Press titles with Hay House as of October 1, 2012. No staff or procedural changes are planned at the editorial and marketing offices of Energy Psychology Press, which will remain in Santa Rosa, California.

Wholesale Orders/Shipments to: Hay House, Inc., 2776 Loker Avenue West, Carlsbad, CA 92010, USA. Telephone: (760) 918-1114.

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