Title Author Hits
EFT Eliminates Carsickness and Sensitivity to Heat Written by Dawson Church Hits: 147
EFT and the Emotion Code Resolve Hemorrhoids Hits: 4281
EFT for Clearing Food Sensitivities Written by EPP Admin Hits: 1459
EFT Reveals Unexpected Association with Seasickness Written by EPP Admin Hits: 3920
Lifelong Car Sickness Disappears Written by EPP Admin Hits: 1281
Multiple Physical Symptoms Resolve by Collapsing Underlying Emotions: A Case Study Written by David Mackay Hits: 4568
After EFT: No More Irritable Bowel Syndrome Hits: 4981
EFT for Crohn’s Disease: Betrayal Was the Core Issue Written by David Mackay Hits: 6296
EFT Clears Emotional Issue to Help Irritable Bowel Written by Administrator Hits: 1673
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Fades in 4 Brief EFT Sessions Written by Administrator Hits: 7675
EFT Eliminates Hiccups and Changes a Skeptic’s Mind Written by Administrator Hits: 3425
EFT Relieves a Case of Hiccups Written by Administrator Hits: 1070
EFT Stops Hiccups Written by Administrator Hits: 1396
Newbie has great results with persistent hiccoughs! Written by Administrator Hits: 1569
EFT for Gastric Pressure and Gallbladder Pain Written by Administrator Hits: 2259
EFT for Food Poisoning Written by Administrator Hits: 1254
EFT Clears Nausea, but Not in the Expected Way Written by Administrator Hits: 1095
EFT for Crohn's Disease: An Encouraging Case Written by Administrator Hits: 3204
EFT for Digestion and Eye Problems Written by Administrator Hits: 1332
Dizziness and Intestinal Discomfort Disappear Written by Administrator Hits: 1126
Chronic Burping Cured Written by Administrator Hits: 1624
Use EFT to Get Rid of Heartburn and GERD Forever Written by Dawson Church Hits: 4269
Step-by-step EFT for Irritable Bowel Syndrome Hits: 3155
MD Uses EFT for Hiatal Hernia and Candidiasis Hits: 7439
EFT Engages Inner Child to Relieve Indigestion (Dyspepsia) Hits: 1294
Swallowing Pain Disappears with EFT Hits: 2152
Dr. Eric Robins, MD, Uses EFT to Avoid Surgery for Urination Problem Hits: 4184
Two-Year Belly Pain Gone with EFT Hits: 1375


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EFT For Relationships

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Have you ever worried that you sabotage your relationships? Or that you unconsciously drive people away?
Find out what your personal attachment style is and take the quiz with this special report!
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EFT For Weightloss

A small percentage of dieters succeed in keeping weight off permanently.
Learned simple yet specific behaviors that keep you healthy!
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