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EFT and the Emotion Code Resolve Hemorrhoids

Dear EFT Community,

EFT practitioner and Emotion Code coach, Sandra Bensaude of Portugal shares how combining these two energy therapies resolved a client’s hemorrhoid pain, which had persisted even after surgery.

-Stephanie M

By Sandra Bensaude

Sara was suffering from pain and bleeding from her hemorrhoids on and off for 3 years. In the last 6 months, the pain got progressively worse, as did the bleeding to the point that she was anemic and had to have a blood transfusion. Her doctor decided that she needed surgery.

A month after her surgery, the pain continued and Sara was in panic each time she needed to go to the bathroom because it would make the pain even worse. Every trip to the doctors and emergency room to help lessen the pain ended with the same result: She should take strong painkillers in pills and ointments that did not work for her. She had to bear it. The doctors could not explain why she still had pain.

Sara had her first session with me a little over 6 months after her surgery; she was experiencing pain 6 to 8 hours a day and sometimes the whole day long. She was feeling depressed, had lost weight (she avoided eating so as not to have to go to the bathroom), felt anguish and hopelessness as she thought this was how her life was going to be now.

I showed Sara the tapping points and tapped on her pain. After a couple of rounds, the pain level went from a 9 to a 5. We continued tapping on the pain (being very specific on its location and how it felt). The SUD level went down to a 3. We then tapped on the remaining pain until the SUD went to 1.

From our conversation, I was able to determine that Sara had had a difficult childhood, with recurring abandonment issues from both parents and emotional abuse, among other traumas.

She had a hard time remembering what happened when, so in our next session I suggested we try the Emotion Code (using muscle testing) to help her determine timing and emotions that had gotten trapped in her body, more specifically in the area of her pain area. She was amazed at all the emotions that showed up and it helped her remember other events that we could tap on.

Even though Sara was feeling less pain, she still dreaded going to the bathroom because she associated pain with her bowels working. We tapped on her fear that the pain would return once she went to the bathroom.

In 3 sessions, the pain went totally away. It has been 6 months since her last pain.

EFT and the Emotion Code were the perfect energy therapies to use with Sara, and they complemented each other perfectly.

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EFT for Clearing Food SensitivitiesThe Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick: What They Know, Why It Works, and How It Can Work for You [Kindle Edition]

By Sherrie Rice Smith, RN (Ret.), EFT-EXP

Husbands are nice practice subjects, aren't they? I’m always telling stories about Brad.

Brad doesn't like sweets, he never did, but he surely does like his veggies. Other than okra, which he ate every single day while serving aboard U.S. Navy submarines, and beets, he eats them all.

For the past 3 years, I have avoided serving him cucumbers because he had all kinds of gastric reactions, none of which you truly want to know about here. Cucumbers simply disappeared from our diet. We both missed them.

Now, you would think I would have thought of this before, but, I admit, I didn't. A couple weeks ago, I bought a delicious-looking cucumber and told Brad it was time for a “Valerie experiment.”

I peeled the thing, handing him a couple of the gooey peelings, and told him to go tap Valerie Lis’ food reaction protocol. Sadly, he couldn't remember how (I need to tap on my reaction to his not remembering!), so I dutifully led him through the process, as I always do.

Valerie’s protocol for most food or environmental sensitivities takes four rounds of tapping, and then another 20-30 minutes of exposure to the offending item, meaning a grand total of a 22-32 minute commitment.

I’m thrilled to be here typing and telling you, after many more cucumber-eating experiments, and we eat them almost every supper lately, that Valerie’s protocol is a total 100% success! I no longer have to endure the unmentionable gastric effects!

As always, I am amazed.


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Multiple Physical Symptoms Resolve by Collapsing Underlying Emotions: A Case Study

Dear Readers,

This case study by Dale Teplitz exemplifies how effectively EFT can resolve physical symptoms when it is only applied to the underlying emotional issues. Visit Dale's website.

-David MacKay

Dale Paula Teplitz, M.A. EFT Universe Certified Expert and Trainer

Joan is a 62 year old, wife and mother. When we had our first EFT phone session, she had a two month long history of irregular heartbeat, stomach pain, nausea, IBS (irritable bowel), dizziness, blood sugar imbalances, and severe insomnia. Before we began our work together, medical doctors ruled out physical causes for the symptoms. Joan tried anti-anxiety medications and changes in diet and nutritional supplementation, with no relief.

After a history was taken, Joan was asked the following questions to begin to identify what emotional issues to address:

a. What happened in your life around the time these physical symptoms began?

The client reported the physical symptoms began the night her adult daughter (her last child living at home) left home to move to another country, and several years after the death of her mother. Until Joan was asked this question, she never identified the connection between her daughter’s leaving and the start of the physical symptoms. During the same time period she was also faced with an upcoming move to another state, requiring her to reluctantly leave the home and community where she raised her family for over 20 years.

b. If you knew why your symptoms are there, what would the answer be?

The client explained that she missed her mother and daughter and felt desperately alone. She didn’t know how to deal with so much loss.

c. If you got over these physical symptoms, how would your life change?

The client’s answers to this question helped to:

Identify psychological reversals and secondary benefits which may be contributing to physical symptoms: “I might have to accept being alone.  I don’t know what I would do with my life if I had to face it without my mother and daughter.” 

Identify core issues to be addressed with EFT. “What is my life purpose if not to take care of others?

Protocol used in each of Joan’s EFT sessions:

a. Identify and address her emotionally reactive state:

In each session the client was asked to describe her current negative emotions (fear, sadness, etc.) and the physical sensations associated with them, (pressure in my chest, lump in my throat, etc). EFT was applied for the bodily sensations of the emotions until the intensity was relieved.

b. Current life stressors:

In each session the client was asked to describe specific non-traumatic events coming up in her present life; frustrations about not being able to sleep, concerns about giving notice at work or preparing the house to sell.  EFT was used to address and collapse emotional intensity around many aspects of those events.

c. Addressing core issues:

Discussions during each session further defined core issues, such as;“Who will I take care of now that they are gone?”, and “I feel guilty about how I wasn’t there for them.” EFT was used to address each core issue as it became apparent.

d. Use of gentle EFT for unresolved traumas

It was apparent to me that Joan was easily triggered with intense emotions when focusing on loss issues such as the ‘loss’ of her daughter and the death of her mother and father, leaving her community, her brother’s suicide and her gravely ill pet.

Rather than focusing EFT directly on traumatic events, and childhood memories that were elicited in the course of the session, gentle EFT techniques including the Tearless Trauma Technique, were used to ‘sneak up on the problem’. This included applying EFT for events leading up to the losses and for broader, less specific events to take the charge off before addressing specific traumatic memories. Once intensity levels (SUDS) were low using the gentle techniques, specific traumatic events were addressed and collapsed with EFT.

e. Using Energy Medicine techniques for additional energy balancing:

To help ensure her energy system remained balanced between sessions, Joan was provided with instructions for a daily 5 minute energy routine (Eden, D., 2008) which she did each day throughout the 3 months we worked together.


Though the physical symptoms were never addressed in our 10 EFT sessions, Joan reported complete relief of all her physical symptoms including; irregular heartbeat, stomach pain, nausea, IBS, dizziness, blood sugar imbalances and severe insomnia.

She also reported feeling more positive, less anxious and less fearful of change gradually over the course of our weekly sessions and describes the outcome of our EFT work together as amazing!  Joan continues to tap on her own when new stresses or negative emotions show up  in her life.


This case is a great example of finding and collapsing core issues which often underlie physical symptoms. If our EFT sessions were focused on the physical symptoms alone, the outcome might not have been nearly as successful.

Dale Paula Teplitz

Visit Dale’s website for upcoming EFT Universe workshops:

EFT Reveals Unexpected Association with Seasickness

Note: This article assumes you have a working knowledge of EFT. If you're a newcomer, please download our free Get Started Package, and refer to the EFT Books and EFT workshops for a more complete understanding. You will find our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here, our Disclaimer here, and our Copyright Notice here. Please consult a physician for all medical issues.

EFT Reveals Unexpected Association with Seasickness

Dear EFT community,

Rebecca Kane of Portland, Oregon, is a personal performance coach and certified EFT practitioner. In this article, she tells how tapping uncovered the hidden roots of a client’s twenty-year seasickness and resolved it so the client was able to go on a sea voyage with no problem.

-Stephanie M

By Rebecca Kane, EFT INT-1

(The names and some details have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.)

One of my clients, Grace, came to me because she wanted to get rid of her seasickness before going on a cruise. She’d suffered from motion sickness for twenty years and wanted be in good enough shape to enjoy the cruise she was leaving on the next day. She thought the seasickness was caused by her inner ear not being able to adjust to the up-and-down motion.

I asked her what was hard about having seasickness. She said:

  • I can’t be a part of what’s going on around me (on the boat).
  • I feel like I’m going to fall down or throw up.
  • I can’t think beyond myself.
  • I feel clammy.

I asked Grace to imagine the up-and-down motion of being on a boat and she said it made her feel nauseated just thinking about it. She rated the worst intensity of seasickness that she could imagine at a screaming 10.

We tapped on the Karate Chop point, while saying:

Even though I get seasick when I’m on a boat, I completely love and accept myself.

Even though I can’t be part of the group and I feel so sick, I’m doing the best I can.

Even though I get seasick with the up-and-down movement, I love and accept myself.

Then we tapped on:

Eyebrow (EB): This up-and-down motion.

Side of the eye (SE): Ugh, it makes me feel sick just thinking about it.

Under the eye (UE): I can’t think beyond myself.

Under the nose (UN): I feel clammy.

Chin (CH): All this motion sickness.

Collarbone (CB): I don’t like it.

Under the arm (UA): Someone get me off this boat.

Wrists (two wrists together, TW): I feel sick.

Top of the Head (TH): I don’t like this up-and-down motion.

I asked her to take a breath and then imagine the up-and-down feeling again and rate her feeling of nausea. She said it was down to a 6. I asked her to think back to a specific time she’d been on a boat when she’d felt sick. She remembered one incident in which she said she’d just wanted to get back to land and she just had to hang on until the boat ride was over.

We tapped:

Karate Chop:

Even though I have this remaining seasickness being on this boat, I love and accept myself completely.

Even though I just want to get back to land, I’m doing the best I can.

Even though I just have to hang on until this is over, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and all these feelings.

EB: I want to get back to land.

SE: I don’t have any control right now.

UE: I just have to hang on until this is over.

UN: All this nausea.

CH: I want to get off this boat.

CB: I feel sick and I want to get off.

UA: I feel clammy.

TW: I feel like I’m going to throw up.

TH: All this lack of control.

She said that something interesting came up during that round, specifically when we said, “I just have to hang on until this is over.” She said she remembered a childhood incident in which her father was tickling her and it was the kind of tickling that went so far it hurt. She said she remembered that she wanted him to stop, that she was tolerating it and toughing it out—similar to every time she stepped onto a boat and felt sick.

I had her imagine the up-and-down sensation again and recheck her nausea. It was down to a 3.

We tapped:

Karate Chop point:

Even though my father’s tickling me and I don’t have any control right now, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I just want him to stop but I have to tough this out, I love and accept myself completely.

Even though this tickling is too much and I don’t have any control, I love and accept myself and all these feelings.

EB: He’s tickling me.

SE: Stop it!

UE: That hurts!

UN: I don’t want to be tickled.

CH: I don’t have any control.

CB: I just want it to stop.

UA: I just have to tough it out.

TW: He’s not listening to me and I want him to stop.

TH: This lack of control.

We tapped some more on anger at her father, soreness on the side of her ribs where he’d tickled her when she was a child, and a remaining light-blue color of seasickness in her lower abdomen. When we were finished, her nausea was at a 0, her anger at her father was at a 0, the light-blue seasickness was gone, and she’d shifted to realizing that her father probably didn’t know he was hurting her when he was tickling her.

Since we were on Skype at the time, I tested her results by having her look at the screen while I moved it up and down like the motion of a boat. She said she was fine, but ordinarily that would have sent her over the edge. (No pun intended.)

She went on her cruise the next day and, despite one stormy day when it seemed that everyone on the boat was a little queasy from the ocean waves, she had no bouts of seasickness.

Rebecca Kane, EFT INT-1
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(503) 341-0857

No More IBS

Aileen Nobles shares two case histories with us in which EFT successfully cleared IBS. She leads her clients to see the conection between their fear of not being in control to their bowels 'letting go.' Visit Aileen's website.

By Aileen Nobles

Hello everyone,

I hope these two articles can be of assistance to anyone who has IBS.  Although both these clients had complete relief, I want to add, that when cases are very advanced where surgery is imminent, I have not had success using EFT.

Annabell’s mother called me really upset as her daughter was signed up to go to Europe with her school this summer.  Apparently Annabell suffered from IBS, which made it very difficult for her to do most of the things young people do, as she always had to be near a bathroom.

I asked her what was going on in her life around the first episode, which had started a couple of years previously.  At that time, she had just finished taking finals, which had been extremely stressful, and then she had gone out to celebrate at a party with her friends.  She drank more than usual (which was never much) and had relaxed, and let go of her self-control.  The IBS started the next day.

We tapped on:

“Even though I was out of control at the party, I am quite wonderful anyway.”

“Even though I am usually in control and like it that way, I allowed myself to let go and it didn’t feel good afterwards, but either way I would love to love and accept myself anyway.”

“I felt so out of control and now I can’t control my bowels.”

“It’s humiliating, and I am losing my confidence.”

“I hate myself for feeling so out of control.”

Tears started to pour, and I asked her when she had felt this out of control in her life before.  She remembered an incident when her parents left her alone in the house for the evening.  She was seven and was not allowed to go to the grown-up party.  She became terrified and ended up soiling her underwear and the sofa.  When her parents came home she felt that she had let them down by not being brave.

We tapped on:

“Of course I was terrified, I was just a little girl.”

“I shouldn’t have been left alone at age seven.”

“Its OK that I felt out of control with fear, most seven year olds would feel that way.”

“I was, and I am quite wonderful, and it’s safe for me to have normal functioning bowels.”

“I deserve to have normal bowel movements, whether I am being self disciplined or relaxing and letting go.”

“I am safe, and my body knows it.”

“I deserve to have fun with my friends without having to worry about bathrooms all the time.”

“My bowels are now functioning perfectly.”

“I can go to Europe with my friends, and have fun.  I deserve it and allow it.”

We tapped this last statement in around the ears, bypassing her conscious mind.

After that session, there was no re-occurrence of the problem.


The other client had different emotions that triggered her six-month period of IBS. “Emily” was a high-powered editor for a very well known intellectual magazine.  She was extremely irritable with other people if they did not do things her way, and felt that it was demeaning to her if she paid other people compliments.

Needless to say, to have no control over her bowels was absolutely humiliating.

We first worked on clearing her issues around needing to control others, and feeling powerful by suppressing or degrading others.

Emily was at heart a spiritual woman who revered the Dalai Lama, and longed to know his peaceful serenity and his wonderful sense of humor.

We did quite a bit of clearing of her mother’s degrading comments.  Working with Emily to feel that she was never good enough, pretty enough, or smart enough, allowed a huge breakthrough to take place.

We worked on her connection with her own inner beauty that had been suppressed, and covered with a persona that she thought was feeding her, by creating an image of power and success.

We tapped on feeling secure and safe enough to pay compliments to others to help them feel good about their work.

Emily had had the feeling that if she helped anyone else feel good about themselves, it diminished her.  That was completely turned around.

We tapped on not needing to feel so irritated and to be more relaxed.

“Even though I am irritated most of the time, I would love to love and accept myself anyway.”

“I am so easily irritated, no wonder my colon is also acting that way.”

“What if I don’t have to control others, and I can connect with my Higher Self and trust that everybody has their own way of working.”

“I don’t even have control over my own bowels.”

“What if my wonderful physical body is talking to me?”

The words “wonderful physical body” really triggered resistance.  We tapped and talked about the possibility that her body was asking her in the only way it knew to look at her emotions.

She considered the possibility that her body was giving her messages from her Higher Self to facilitate her growth and healing.

“What if I make a space within me that believes that IBS is my friend, asking me to look at various aspects of myself.”

“Hello body, I am now listening to you. Thank you for talking to me this way.  I am now listening to you and do not need to have out-of-control bowels any longer.”

“As I let go of my irritation and move into a more peaceful, positive and accepting state, my own control of my bowels happens.”

“I am ready, I want it, I choose it, I deserve it, and so it is.”

That was the last of the problem, and was accomplished in two phone sessions.

I wish all cases responded as well as these two, but in my experience if EFT is used early on with this challenge, wonderful things can happen.


Aileen Nobles

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